Monday, October 22, 2012

Food waste and a menu, week 10/22-10/28.

Pin It    Are Mondays always crazy in your house?? Monday is my big laundry day. I try to do all our laundry in one day, and it gets really hectic...At least, now that the kids are older, I can make them sort clothes and match socks. That's a plus:)

   I wanted to spend no more than $10 last week, and I did really good all the way until Friday. But by then our fridge looked like this:

   Yeah, it's very sad...Still lots of salsa there though :) Needless to say we did not have any food waste last week. Wohoo!! There is a big plus in an empty fridge :)

   We did cave in and went grocery shopping on Saturday. Not much, just for necessities, like milk, cereal (yep, it's a necessity in a house full of boys...), yogurt and some produce.

   So this week we are eating:

Mon.- eating out
Tues.- pasta, steamed broccoli
Wed.- chicken enchiladas, salad
Thurs.- soup (my parents are coming at night. Need something easy because I bet I will clean all day:)
Fr.- garlic chicken, brown rice, curry cauliflower
Sat.- Church dinner (I'll make a honey cake -a recipe is coming at the end of the week)
Sun.- pork roast, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots

   We are trying to have at least two vegetarian meals a week (hence most of our soups are vegetarian:). But we really try to expand our collection of good and, especially, easy vegetarian recipes. Do you have any favorite ones? Please, please, share!!

   And to wrap up today's post, look at this:

   Isn't it just super-cute?? :) When we went out today, there was the Santa-looking guy there making all kinds of figures from balloons, and he made this for me :). It took him about 90 seconds to make it! I do believe it's an art in it's own way. Don't you just love it? :)


  1. I love your cute balloon. I like making soups and my favorite at the moment has to be minestrone.

  2. Congratulations on no waste. I have always been amazed by balloon art and I really like the one you got. It's more complicated that most.

  3. You will be busy leading up to the arrival of your parents and when they are here. Yes that is super cute and I think a talent to do it.

  4. Your menu sounds delicious Lena! I LOVE having roasts on the weekends. Such comfort food!

  5. Lentil Stew is good and filling:

    My carrot soup can be cooked in the microwave:

    I have a special page just with recipes for vegetables and fruits:

    hope that helps,


  6. Our fridge is starting to look like that, but that's how we want it - less to move!

  7. good for you!!
    love your menu..we do veggie two days a week too..less expensive and healthier I think.
    I spend a lot more than $10 day...that is great you can stick to that goal!

  8. Your menu looks good. I am going to start planning my menus every week now.

  9. We are vegetarians so have a lot of yummy vegetarian recipes. Our favorite is

  10. I love this meal plan idea! I need help planning out meals for which days. thanks for the ideas!

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