Monday, July 21, 2014

Food waste and a menu, week 7/21-7/26.

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Hello, hello, my dear friends,

How was your Monday? I woke up feeling great and full of energy this morning. I love mornings like this, especially at the beginning of the week. I had quite a productive weekend and it didn't stop today. The proof of my productivity? Well, how about 13 cans of pickles? :) This girl is getting ready for winter already (even though I doubt they will last until winter...):

 photo IMG_1342_zps57b281d2.jpg

And my house is surprisingly clean too :) I don't remember when the last time that happened was... I don't count on it to last with two three little piggies here but it feels nice...

I also organized our fridge and the only food waste I have is this little tomato:

 photo IMG_1344_zpsee1cb931.jpg

I will have to reevaluate a few things about my cooking now though. Last year my husband was diagnosed with Esophagitis. He finally made it to the doctor a week ago and they did preliminary tests and already told us that he's allergic to most nuts (especially, pistachios) and sesame seeds. But we also noticed that he's been struggling every time he eats tomato-based meals (he's still fine with fresh tomatoes). And I never realized how many things I make with tomato sauce/paste!!! It's been weeks since we had anything but Alfredo sauce or plain cheese and butter with our pasta... He's fine with us eating things made with tomato sauce but I'm just too lazy to cook twice. So this week I decided to wait with the menu until (hopefully!) we'll get more answers. We will just work through the leftovers, make eggs and grill some, and will see how it goes. Our garden finally started to produce - we will have peppers and zucchinis this week, so we'll be eating them too. I'm kind of craving some grilled zucchinis here:)

And that's how things are :)

What is your favorite go-to recipe on a lazy day?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The diamond in the rough...

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Hello, hello, my lovely friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Ours is chock full of fun with family and friends. I really enjoy spending time with them but, man, this girl is exhausted! I can barely drag my feet today...

But I know I promised to tell you how much I spent for the dresser :) No Terri, it wasn't free :)

Last week we all went to Toys R Us to use my oldest son's Birthday coupon (the perks of signing the kids up for the Birthday Club - $5 to spend on anything). But very close to Toys R Us is my favorite Goodwill. Of course, I couldn't pass it up :)

Before I knew it, I was in the furniture department.  And here it was... my diamond in the rough. For the most unbelievable price. (insert drum rolls, please!!):

 photo IMG_1337_zps00ffb223.jpg

Yep, just $5.99 (Cindy, you were the closest with your guess on Facebook :) I couldn't believe my eyes at first. Score! I immediately called my husband and told him that we are getting it. To sweeten the deal even further - even though it was super-sweet already - I used a 20% coupon that I got after donating a bunch of stuff to them, so in reality I only paid $4.69 for it. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it's very solid though does need a bit of help. But all of it is cosmetic, and I can see this piece lasting us for years and years to come.

And this is my major score for the month :)

And did you get any good deals lately, whether in a grocery store, from thrift stores or classifieds, or, maybe, yard sales??

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Frugal Fridays. Guess what I got??

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 photo 922ded92-92af-46f3-9045-427cfdc7521a_zpsf99b434c.jpg

Yesterday a good friend of mine stopped by. We see each other occasionally but it's been a while since she actually stopped by our house. She's been one of my faithful readers over the past couple of years (hey, hey :) and she really wanted to see all of the different projects she had seen on the blog. As we were taking a small tour, she mentioned how much stuff - furniture etc. - was originally bought used and then fixed, repainted or redone in some other way if needed. I've never really thought of it but it's so true.

I just hate paying full price for anything! More than I thought, in fact. And what we do buy/get usually lasts us for years and years.  So now that we are slowly buying new things for the nursery, it's quite exciting :) But yes, it's a slow process because I'm still looking for the best deal whether we are planning to buy brand-new or used. And do you remember about my woes of finding an inexpensive dresser that would serve as a changing table too? Well, I found exactly what we need (insert a loud "wohoo" here!!!):

 photo IMG_1338_zpse2830ab7.jpg

It's really sturdy and nice. But as you can see, it needs some help. It has a few scratches and scrapes (an easy fix), some screws need to be tightened and knobs replaced (guess, who is going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow?? Looks like they might be having their 50% sale on all of the knobs and handles) but mostly it just needs a really good wash.

It has a changing area on the top too that can be later removed to turn it into a regular dresser:

 photo IMG_1341_zps8e504cca.jpg

And how much did I pay for this "beauty"?? Ha, I'm not going to tell you :) Yet. How about you guess instead?

So how much do you think I paid for this dresser? And if you are really curious, come back tomorrow, wink wink ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A little garden update... Or a big update on my tiny garden...

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Well, hello there!

How have you been, my friends?

For the past few weeks I really neglected my vegetable garden. My husband was watering it for me but I would go there maybe once a week. But as I'm slowly bouncing back to being my normal self, I knew it was time to show it some love. We got a few days of beautiful rain about a week ago (after weeks and weeks of heat and drought), and my plants really enjoyed it. I also used a mixture of epsom salt and water (dilute 1 TB in a gallon) and sprayed peppers, tomatoes and zucchinis to give them a boost. Apparently, it's supposed to majorly boost your crops within ten days. I was skeptical at first but let me tell you - it's for real!!! Everything like doubled - both in size and amount. I suddenly have about 20 peppers coming, a bunch of new tomatoes and I should pick at least two of my first zucchinis by the end of next week:

 photo IMG_1334_zpsf6fb2078.jpg

This year I ended up with five zucchini plants. I've never planted more than 4 and it was the plan again this year too. But two of my plants were really struggling. Then one died and the other one looked like it was going to follow very soon. So I got another plant but didn't put it into the ground right away. In fact, a week later it was still sitting in my green house. But in that week the "sad" plant decided to start fighting for life... I have at least ten beginnings among those five plants, and I know it's only the beginning. Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with all of them. Maybe, I'll try this recipe this year or this one. Yum!

And let me introduce you to the first tomatoes of the year:

 photo IMG_1331_zps329653ae.jpg

OK, I'm totally boasting here :) I'm just too excited about these little guys. They taste so much better than any store-bought cherries I've ever had (OK, I might be just slightly too bias...:)

And a few peppers. These are the gipsy kind but I should have a bunch of green and red peppers by the end of July:

 photo IMG_1336_zps293032a1.jpg

But something that makes me especially happy is this particular plant (or a couple that I have):

 photo IMG_1333_zps47a047c9.jpg

My beautiful basil. Oh, I love thee so... Why am I so excited about a basil plant? Well, it's actually my third attempt to plant basil this year. The first four plants (I planted two each time) were eaten by an evil nocturne creature that was skillfully hiding from me (OK, I do have a suspicion it was a slug of some sort but I could never get it, and it drove me insane). It literally devoured my plants within about 3 days... I was desperate. And then I remembered a trick about planting marigolds in the garden to prevent the "evil creatures" from attacking the tender leaves. I gave it the last try... I bought two more basil plants and two wilty marigolds (since the season for them is pretty much over). And as you can see, the slugs are GONE!!! Not a single hole on the leaves and the plants are thriving. Yes, it might be a bit silly to be that excited and jump up and down here right now but, hey, I think I have every right to be.

Or maybe it's just the hormones?...

So do you have a garden? How is it doing this year?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When life gets in the way...

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...of blogging :) I know, I missed my regular food waste and a menu post but, honestly, I didn't even have a chance to get to any of it. In the past couple of days we've just been eating what we had in stock. And with 100 degrees outside, cooking is just not a priority anymore...

Instead I've been going through piles and piles of stuff. I put away things, went through other things, got a few more bags ready for donation and finally made a list of things we want to sell in the next two weeks. I would love to make at least $200 to put towards some babies' expenses. Preferably, towards the new rocker/recliner. We will be getting rid of our old one because...well, it's pretty old. In fact, Hubby's ex Stepmom used it for all four of her kids. And the oldest is now 22... You literally touch it, and it brings up a cloud of dust. I think, whatever it is filled with inside, the filling has just started to dissipate.

We are not in a hurry to buy a new one yet but after shopping around we realized that it will be hard to find a used one that is in decent condition, comfortable enough to rock two bundles of joy at a time and not from a smoker's house. I will keep looking but I want to have some money tucked away just in case. With twins, they tell you to be prepared much earlier than with any singleton pregnancy due to risk of bed rest or just because walking will soon become a chore...

So that's where I've been :)

How have you been?? How was your weekend?

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