Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling creative?

Pin It    I love making things with my own hands. It gives me a sense of achievement. I'm not very crafty. When I was little, my Mom used to sew from home to make some money to pay the bills. She can sew anything, from bikini to a fur coat. She had (and still has) this old old beat up Zinger sewing machine that was always her most treasured possession.  We were not allowed to touch it in her absence and could only use it under her supervision (and man, she watched us like a hawk...). Needless to say, my sewing abilities go as far as mending Hubby's pants or hemming a dress. But she did want us to learn other skills like knitting, crocheting, embroidering. We were encouraged to make our own gifts for holidays (well, that and also because we were pretty broke growing up...). I don't make that many handmade gifts any more but I still enjoy the opportunity to make something.

    One of my hobbies is to make diaper cakes. It's not completely a hobby, I do sell them but just locally. So it only gives me enough money to go out with my hubby once in a while. I am thinking about selling them on Ebay or Etsy but the idea of starting the actual business terrifies me. I don't know anything about owning my business but I think I would look more into it this year. We'll see.

   Anyway, my best friend asked me to make a diaper cake for her other friend's baby shower. It took me a couple days to finish but I really enjoyed making it.

   Diaper cakes are not necessarily a frugal gift but they are sure fun to make!


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