Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My mini-goals for January update and new mini-goals for February

Pin It    I can't believe it's the last day of January today. I don't think I've ever had such a quick winter month in my life! Usually winter months last forever. I can't stand cold weather, and  I count days until the beginning of spring. But this year the temperatures are so mild. I really enjoy it.

   Anyway, today I decided to post an update to my mini-goals for January:

1. Blog at least 15 times this month.
   I blogged 38 times this month!! Wow, I didn't even realize that I've blogged so much! Now I just need to find a good balance between blogging, reading other people's blogs, and all the household stuff that needs to be done :) I also finish this month with 19 20 amazing followers. Thank you so much, guys, for following and just for all your support! I really appreciate it!!

2. Stay within our food budget.
   I totally nailed it!!  Our current budget is $280 for 2 adults, 2 kids (one in diapers) plus 2 more kids that I babysit two times a week and feed at least twice a day.  And I have $45 left to put into my trampoline fund. I'm especially excited because I bought 3 different cases-olives, tomato soup and mac-and-cheese, and I still had money left to put aside.

3. Create a menu every week and post it here.
   Done! I did really good this month. We stuck to our menus 95% of the time. And the only reason it's not 100% is because there were couple of days when we were finishing up some unplanned leftovers. We only ate out once in spur of a moment, and stayed within our Eating out budget for a month.

4. Try at least 1 new recipe this month.
  Done! We tried easy breezy Turkey loaf. I'm not going to post a recipe because it wasn't that good but hey, we don't know until we try, right? At least, it was an easy breezy recipe.

5. List some stuff on KSL Classifieds.
   Failed :( I actually did try to list some stuff at the beginning of the month but the website wouldn't allow me to upload pictures, and then I got caught up in things and forgot all about it.

So my new goals for February:

1. Enjoy time with my parents!!! This is my biggest goal for the month-to put all the worries aside and just enjoy them being with us.

2. Write in my journal at least 4 times this month. I epically fail this yearly goal right now, and I really feel that I need to do it.

3. List stuff on KSL. Again!

4. Figure out our 401K. My Hubby changed his job position three times last year (within his company. It was either the docs themselves payed his salary, or two different  hospitals would do it). So now we have some bits and pieces of whatever little money we payed on and off last year in three different places. We need to get it all under "one roof", and then start contributing at least a little bit every month. His company doesn't match at all the first year, and because he was kicked around between hospitals so much, they say it's his first year again!!! Even more, they sent us a letter that they even when they start matching, it will only be once a year, end-of-the-year contribution. So even if he worked for them for 11.5 months, and decided to leave, he will not get anything unless he's there on the 31 st of December! I think, it's very odd, and I doubt he will stay with them much longer. He decided to wait until after my parents go back home to start seriously looking for a job. But he did update his resume, so we are ready!

5. Get our taxes done and check our credit score. We finally started getting all the forms for our taxes, so hopefully we'll have it all by mid-February. As for our credit score, we haven't checked it in almost three years, pretty much since we bought our current house. So it's just time!

So these are my new goals. And I'm also still doing No (low) spending and de-cluttering challenges with Carla.
Do you have any goals for February?


  1. Great job!! I hit all my goals except for one too... Not bad! :) I'll be posting my February goals tomorrow!

    1. I can't wait to see your goals for February!

  2. You did awesome on your goals!

    Now you have 21 followers. I usually add new blogs I enjoy to my blog list but forget to follow. :) Now both are done.

    Now on to February!

    1. Thank you for your support:) It means a lot for me!

  3. You have 21 followers now! Isn't it exciting to watch that number grow?!! I'm stuck at 14. I need to reach out and do some more interesting money related posts.

    1. But you have so much on your hands!! It's a little easier for me to find time for blogging being a stay-at-home Mom (even though my kids keep me pretty busy!!)

  4. Good job on the goals. I hope to be able to survive February. I am really worried about the financials . Even cutting back may not help!

  5. Congrats on your January!! Enjoy having your folks around in Feb, how fun will that be!! Hey I joined your blog as well, I always forget to do that part.

  6. good for you...and good luck reaching those goals!!


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