Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shopping trips this week

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   I had my usual Wednesday and Saturday shopping trips this week. On Wednesday I went to Walmart . Highlights from that trip:
Ketchup (just one:))- $1 (price-matched with Harmons, had a coupon for it too but forgot to use it)
Ranch-$1 (price-matched with Harmons)
Big thing of cottage cheese- $1.99 (price-matched to Reams)
tomatoes-2lbs/99c (price-matched to Viva)
cabbage-5lbs/99 (price-matched to Rancho Market)
radishes-25c/bunch (price-matched to Rancho Market)
and the best deals were on some pork:
Pork Chops- $1.69/lb (price-matched to Rancho Market)
Ground pork- $1.29/lb(price-matched to Rancho Market)
Pork stew meat- $1.29/lb (price-matched to Rancho Market)

Total spent: $23.56
Total saved: $17.76
Coupons used: 0

On Saturday I went to Walmart to buy fixings for a salad for tomorrow's Birthday party, a gallon of  milk, sour cream and bread.
Total spent: $12.33
Total saved: $0
Total coupons used: 0

We also stopped by Reams to use our rain check from last week for eggs ( 99c/dozen, total spent-$2.04, total saved: appr. $1.50) and Harmons (the Older Kid really wanted some blueberries-1.67 for 6 oz, and we grabbed another milk just to be set for sure until the end of the month, total spent-$4.59, total saved, appr.$1)

YTD spending: $233.56
YTD savings: $161.21
Left to spend this month: $46.44
YTD coupons used : 32
YTD waste: $26.33

   I'm not planning to shop any more until Feb 1st (next Wednesday), so all the money that is left will go towards my trampoline fund. I was really hoping to have $50 left but oh well, I can't complain. I'm still way under my budget this month. Wohoo!!


  1. Exactly! Be happy with the success you've had!! Good job! :)

  2. Really, you had to get a raincheck for eggs? Probably because of people like me who buy 5-6 dozen when they go on sale.

    1. Well, at least, we CAN get rainchecks, right? :)

  3. 99 cents for a dozen eggs is an amazing deal. We normally pay $1.99 a dozen and up, usually more in the $2.19 range. There is a deal on this week for them at $1.88 per dozen limit 2 and I actually have a coupon for $1 off when you buy 2 dozen, so I am taking advantage of that.

    Well done on having over $45 towards your trampoline fund.

    Gill in Canada

    1. We usually have eggs in the $1.79-1.99 range here, so yeah, I was excited about 99c price! It's awesome that you have coupons for eggs! We rarely get some printables, and I've never seen one in a paper. But you are so good with coupons!!:)

  4. must be so happy when you look at the bill!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Great job! I've never tried price-matching at Walmart. But I just might give it a try, seeing your results!

    Thanks for linking up with Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!  Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Laura.I LOVE price-matching at Walmart! But then it'sthe closest storeto our house, it's literally 5 minute walk. And most of the produce in our store is fairly nice. And it saves me so much time too!!

      And I love your blog!!


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