Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Double challenge update, week 2, part 2

Pin It I didn't do as much de-cluttering as I wanted this week. I think, it's was a combination of being busy and being lazy. I had some big plans that just never happened. I did organize the kitchen cupboard:

                                                  The before picture
                                                And another angle

                                                  And the after pictures:

   At least, I now know where my water bottles are and how many cutting boards I have (7!!!! And I could never find them!). I was thinking at first to get rid of some but than they do get nasty with time, and they don't take much space, so I decided to keep them all. Two of them are brand-new, one is for meat/fish only, one is huge, and then I have 3 small ones. But I did get rid of the old and scratched pot (who knows why I kept it before??) and bunch of lids from bowls that I don't have any more for one reason or another.

   I also tried to organize my magazine box in the living-room but I never finished it. I guess, I got too caught up on "looking through" all of these magazines. So I recycled 11 today. I know, it's sounds a lot but it doesn't feel like it to me because I have at least that much left, if not twice as much. Most of them were either free or very cheap subscriptions (other than All You). I do keep all of my gardening and crafting magazines.

   And  finally I organized boys' socks drawers and threw away all of the single ones. I still need to mend a few socks this weekend.

So this is pretty much all de-cluttering I did this week. 

So total things gone this week: 16 (count socks as one)
Total this month: 24

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  1. Excellent! Lots of jobs done & decluttered, Lena. I had a tough time with ridding myself of a whole pile of magazines to the recycle box. I too saved my gardening and Harrowsmith magazines (just couldn't bring myself to part with them).


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