Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Double challenge update, week 3

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   It's hard to believe but we only have 1 week left until the end of the month. It's time for another update on Carla's double challenge. Again, I did OK on the low-spending part of it, de-cluttering- not so much.

So here are my numbers:

Feb 15- spent $23.33 at Walmart (food budget). Also went to Kid to Kid and DI and got my older Kid some pants, shirts etc.Total spent on clothes-$14.47 (Misc. budget)

Feb 16- no spend day

Feb 17- got some ice-cream cones at Walmart, spent $4.74(food budget)
              got "Courageous" movie from Redbox, $1.28

Feb.18-  That was my biggest spending day of the week! First we went to IKEA. They had queen size  200 thread count  sheets sets( well, actually any size ) for $14.99!! We've been looking for some new sheets for a while but just couldn't fit it in our budget. Our sheets that we use right now are about 8 years old, and well..they needed to be changed. So we got 2 sets. Total spent: $ 32.03 (misc.). But I'm so excited to finally have new sheets!

   We also had a breakfast at IKEA. Breakfast itself was free but we got some applesauce for the boys. Spent $2.14 out of Eating out budget. Then we went to Walgreens for diapers(I got 3 packs of Huggies, $5.99 per pack after sale and coupons) and a bottle of Tide. Total spent :$ 23.15 (food budget)

Feb. 19- no spend day

Feb 20- no spend day

Feb 21- I was sick and didn't want to make dinner at all, so we got Subway, $10.79 (Eating out budget)

So here is where our numbers for the month so far:

Food- Total spent $173.62(left to spend this month: $106.38)
Misc- Total spent $68.93 (left to spend this month: $51.07)
Eating out-Total spent $23.60 (left to spend this month: $36.40)
Total saved this month so far for our trampoline fund- $95

   I think we are doing really well this month. Can't wait to see how much we'll be able to save for our trampoline fund.

   As for the de-cluterring challenge, I can honestly say that I failed. I did not do anything this week :( I had lots of plans for the weekend and Monday but got sick, and I'm yet to be healthy again. But because it was a "Productivity week", I still feel that I was productive. I decided to limit my computer time to 2 hours a day, and only after I will do all things on my to-do list for the day. I achieved it about 90% of the time. I'm pretty happy about it, especially with being sick!

   And I'm fully ready for next week "Dreaded challenge" Here is the sneak pick at what I need to accomplish (not a pretty sight...sigh...):

Have a nice day, everyone!!


  1. I think you are doing awesome Lena. You need to tell me about this trampoline fund as I am unsure about it or point me to a post about it.

    I can't blame you for the de-clutter challenge if you were sick and I am sure you will more than make up for it with the next one.

    I hope your health returns to 100% soon.

  2. Thank you! I really hope to get well soon. I was so much better yesterday but today I feel pretty crappy again. I'm so ready for spring and some nice, warm and sunny weather!

    As for the trampoline fund, I have a progressive bar on the side( that desperately needs to be updated) but we are trying to save for a nice trampoline for our kids for summer, and my goal this month was to add $100 to it, and I'm pretty sure I'll achieve it (as I'm at $95 already:)) unless something major pops up.

  3. Good low/no spending, Lena. Take care of your health first, as you have a family to look after first.

  4. hope you are feeling better! I failed my challenges this month to so dont feel bad

  5. I had plans to de clutter as well but failed :( so don't feel bad. At your reason was sickness mine was just sheer laziness.

  6. Take care of yourself!! I would put money on the fact that all the decluttering will be waiting on you next week!!

  7. I hate decluttering - everything that was hard to sort or put away or throw away the first time is still hard when you get back to it:)

  8. Feel better friend, I always try to buy at least 400 thread count or higher sheets. They will not pill and last much longer. The higher the thread count the lower the quality. 200 is the lowest out there. But if you grew up in Russia you probably had much worse. My parents are Swedish and we had these old sheets from Sweden growing up they were like sand paper. Hated them. My father spoke Russian.

    1. Well, good to know! I really don't know much about sheets. They just felt nice, and the girl at the check out told us that she loves them, and always buys this particular kind for herself. We did have some flimsy sheets when I was growing up but the economy got so much better in Russia. It's honestly, day and night. And bedding is a lot higher quality right now! And we desperately needed something new! We still use sheets that my Hubby used before we got married, and even before he went to Russia. They are good quality but...

  9. Well done with the challenges - you are doing so well x

  10. Thank you, everyone! I feel better this morning. So I hope my health will improve from now on. It's hard to be sick and take care of 4 kiddos.


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