Monday, February 13, 2012

I've been tagged!

Pin It Kim at Out My Window got me! She actually tagged me on Wednesday of last week, and I feel really ashamed for not finding time to respond. But last week was really crazy with my parents here! They went to spend a week with my sister, and I already miss them...Oh well, they will probably stay for couple more days with us before going home next Thursday.

Anyway, I want to answer all of Kim's questions but I don't think I will tag anyone. I honestly ran out of names:( So:

1. Why do you blog about personal finance? I think it just helps me to stay on track with our spending, and I make wonderful friends on the way that can relate to what it means to be poor, or in debt, or just to be frugal and use money better. And when I participate in challenges and post it here, I feel like I have more responsibility because somebody else will read my blog and know that  that's what I signed up for.
2. What is your favorite vegetable?

Cucumbers! Oh, I love them! I can make a salad of cukes with a pinch of salt and eat it all day! And I love pickles (but mostly Russian style-less strong and a little sweeter)
3. What is the worst financial mistake you ever made?  Was it a mistake or on purpose?
I am not even sure. I was always very frugal. That's how my Mom taught me. I could probably guess, it was buying our current house. It has too many stairs to be our last (we have pretty much three floors), and with the house market where it is, there is no way we could even brake even( OK, this sentence sounds weird...). But on the other hand, we have plenty of space to live and even grow here, so we can stay here for a long long time.
4. Do you like that new car smell?

I don't know.We've never had a new car, and we've never even shopped for one :) Maybe, I need to go get one for a test drive... But as long as it doesn't smell poop or cigarettes, I am fine with the older cars.
5. Do you own pets?
Unfortunately, not. I'm a dog person, I love dogs. But we simply can't afford pets right now especially because my Hubby is allergic to most of known household pets. He can tolerate some kinds of dogs but there are usually more expensive.
6. Do you have a bad habit you would like to quit?
I do bite my nails when I'm nervous or deep in a thought...I really need to stop doing this!

7. Are you going to watch the Academy Awards?
Probably not.
8. If you were debt free, what would you do with all your extra money?
Our only debt at the moment is our mortgage, and it's not going away any time soon. But if I had that money in my pocket, first thing I would do is to buy tickets for all of us to go back home and see my friends and family, and to expose my children to Russian culture and language.
9. How much time do you spend blogging on average?

Too much! I'm still learning to balance blogging, reading other people's blogs and every day life.
10. What is your favorite season? Why?  If you can't choose list the order.
Oh, it's definitely summer! I love sun, light clothes, yummy seasonal fruits and veggies, and just being outside all the time. Or and digging in my little garden.
11. Do you ever look back at your life and think okay that was one thing I did right?  What was it?
Saying Yes to my hubby. It was a hard decision to make-move to a different country, a whole new world for me, different culture, language, food, you name it.But he's the best thing that ever happened to me. He's amazing, loving, caring and keeps the toilet sit down most of the time


  1. I guess if you're counting your blessings about your husband - putting the toilet seat down most of the time is a great one to count :) Adam always remembers!

  2. That balance you are looking for. I've struggled with it for a long time lol but I think I finally have it worked out. You'll find it too.

    And I love that last question and answer.

  3. Wow, a man that puts down the seat, mine won't even flush the toilet.


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