Saturday, February 4, 2012

My parents are here edition!!! And shopping trips this week

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                                      Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

   Well, my parents are here!! They barely made it to the airport in Moscow. They had a pretty nasty snow storm, and the traffic was so bad that it took them  5 HOURS!!! to get there. They were the last passengers to get on the airplane but they did it! The whole trip took about 20 hours (with a 4-hour layover in NY). So they are tired and sleep-deprived. We have 10-hour time difference with Moscow. We are going to have a quiet weekend with long walks, some shopping and Church on Sunday. The kiddos are extremely happy to see Grandparents, and both of my boys have been jumping on Grandpa all morning :).

                          Kiddos with a very tired Dedushka (aka Grandpa)

   I did my usual shopping trip on Wednesday. I went to Walmart and Harmons.
Highlights of these trips:
 3 Lawry's Marinade-99c/ea (price-matched with Macey's) plus used $1 coupon=0.01 overage
2 lb cheese loaf-$4.99 (price-matched with Macey's) plus used $1 coupon=$3.99
Chicken $1.59/lb -price-matched with Fresh Market
3 Boost Kid's Essentials-$4.98 (usual price) plus used $3 coupons found at the doc's office- $1.98

Our baby doesn't want to eat at all lately. All he wants are carbs (pasta,bread...)and milk!!! So I got Boost just to make him drink some vitamins. And I'll probably just get some baby vitamins next week (didn't have any in our Walmart). He was such a good eater before! I don't know what happened.

Anyway,I also stopped by Walmart on Saturday and grabbed some grapes (89c/lb,price-matched to Rancho Market)
So total spent in Walmart: $37.52
Total saved: $31.85 (!!!)
Coupons used: 7

   And at Harmons I got some cukes (they didn't have any at Walmart), and I also grabbed a loaf of bread.
Total spent: $4.13
Total saved: appr. $3
Coupons used : 0

  So these are the numbers so far:

Total spent this month: $41.65
Total saved: $34.85
Left to spend this month: $238.35
YTD spending: $275.21
YTD savings: $196.06
YTD coupons used : 39
YTD waste: $26.33


  1. I think all kids go through a phase like that. How exciting to have your parents visiting! Enjoy!

  2. I need to list out my grocery spending as well, we spend way too much on food!

    Hope you will visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY!
    Just Tututiny

  3. I was thinking about your parents trip when I saw the news the other day. Glad to hear they made it safe and sound! Thankfully! Enjoy your time with them.

    1. Thank you!It's so great to have them here!

  4. Enjoy your visit with you parents! How long will they be visiting?

    1. They will stay with us until next Sunday, and with my sister for another 10 days. That's a pretty short visit but my Mom just couldn't get more time off work. And I'm so grateful even for these few days! I think I didn't even realized how MUCH I missed them until they came.

  5. So glad the trip was safe, even though it was so long! Enjoy your time with your parents, I'm sure it will go by much too quickly! :(

  6. Wow ! Enjoy your folks! IN fact I would not let them go back= LOL ! Those are some amazing folks to endure all of that just for a chance to come see the grandkids!
    My grandson lives in Florida and I live in TN and I still have yet to see him $$$$ is keeping us from each other. I guess if I was as able as your folks I could get out and walk to Florida to see the grand son.


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