Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping trips this week.

Pin It On Monday I  only had $59 left for the rest of the month, so I really tried to be frugal this week. I went to Walmart and Reams:

Walmart trip:

We actually went to Walmart twice this week but my husband did the first trip, and it was in the middle of all of us being sick, so I don't even remember what he bought other than rotisserie chicken and vanilla pound cake ( I was craving it!!) but total spent was $15.40, total saved-??? ( I just hope, there was something saved :)) 

Second trip:

As you can see from the picture, I REALLY needed some produce!! We have a bowl for fruit on our island, and I try to always have apples and pears there for kids. So here's what I bought:
1 salad-49c (price-matched to Rancho Market)
Roma tomatoes-2lbs/99c (price-matched to Rancho Market)
3 cukes- 6/99c (price-matched to Rancho Market)+ 50c
Fuji apples- 2lbs/99c (price-matched to Rancho Market)
1 bunch cilantro-33c (price-matched to Macey's)
 Sarah Lee 24oz 10% whole bread, Hearty and Delicious-$2.68 plus used $1 off the package=$1.68
I also got 1lb baby carrots,red apples, pears and 1 green pepper and 1 greek yogurt.

Total spent: $10.22
Total saved: $5.81
Coupons used: 1

Reams trip:

Sorry, I don't have a picture :( I made it but for some reason I can't find it on my camera. I wonder if I accidentally deleted it. But here's what I bought:

Boneless chicken- $1.69/lb
2 16oz. Big Buy  bacon- $1.89/ea
1 bunch bananas-49c/lb
1 package reduced green grapes-$1 (2.5 lbs)

Total spent: $12.72
Total saved: $ 4.20
No coupons used.

It's definitely a quite week here.  We will have a couple of friends from Russia spend two days with us next week, so I bought chicken to make something quick.

Total spent this month: $230.31
 Total saved: $438.96 (plus I will get $14.97 in rebates)
Left to spend this month: $19.69
YTD spending: $723.92
 YTD savings: $507.93
 YTD coupons used : 105
YTD waste: $28.07

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Your grocery items are so much cheaper then here in Canada, and other parts of the World, Lena. Great Savings !

    1. Thank you, Cindy.Our ethnic stores (like Rancho Market) have amazing prices on produce but their quality is not very good. That's why I usually just price-match. And I watch sales like a hawk every week:)

  2. Great buys!! You do have awesome prices... I paid almost $8.00 for a few lbs. of grapes last week... :(


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