Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm finally done with our menu

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  Wow, it's really hard to create a menu for 2 weeks!! It seems like we have plenty of food but when I create a menu, I wonder if we would really want to eat what I thought of in two weeks...I did a bit of shopping today and got plenty of fruit and veggies, so we should be fine for some time.

   But back to my menu:

Mon. 4/9- leftovers
Tues.- Domino's Artisan pizza (won on Facebook giveaway. Wohoo!), milkshake
Wed.- Veggie patties, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob
Thurs.-pork chops, potatoes, broccoli
Fr.- breakfast burritos for dinner
Sat.- sandwiches/ B-day dinner with my sister's family
Sun.- soup/cutlets, mashed potatoes, salad

Mon 4/16- leftover soup
Tues-ham, leftover potatoes, salad
Wed.- Russian crepes(see picture above) with homemade jam, bananas and Nutella
Thurs.- ham, broccoli, rice casserole
Fr.- pasta with meat sauce, salad
Sat.-leftovers/BBQ with friends
Sun.- crock pot pulled pork sandwiches, cut up veggies.

   We'll see how this menu will work  for us...But it definitely should help me save some money over the next two weeks!


  1. We have Swedish pancakes , they look like your crepes. We eat them with whipped cream and strawberries and also lingenberries when we can get them.

  2. I think doing a 2 week menu is hard as well, but having enough food in the house for 14 meals or more gives you some flexability. Its sure to save you money!

  3. I really wonder how having a set menu works. I think if I did menu planning, I would just set out a weeks worth of meals and pick one on a random day to eat. I'm not sure if I would be able to stick to a scheduled plan.

    1. We don't stick to it 100% but when you have a family, it's easier to have a plan. Then I don't have this "it's five o'clock and I don't know what to make for dinner!! Panic! " feeling. I bet if I was single, I would only eat salads, sandwiches and scrambled eggs :) But kids are more demanding.

  4. I do this too, plan the menu for the week. Only going to the grocery store once a week was a big achievement for us LOL because we used to go every day. I'd like to go once every 2 weeks and so that is something to strive for in the future! Staying out of the grocery store is definitely a great way to stay on budget ~ keep it up!

    1. I don't think I'm ready for once every two weeks shopping yet either :) But I spent so much money last week that I need to stay away from the stores for some time!

  5. Sounds very yummy - where do you live again? :)


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