Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food waste and a menu, week 5/14-5/20

Pin It    I was trying to find time to post all day but something would always come up. I spent almost 4 hours (!!!!) helping the Kid to clean his room. We did top-to-bottom-get-rid-of-half-of-the-junk cleaning today but now I'm not going to step on Legos all the time and I can actually see the floor in the room. And I'm not even exaggerating...
   And I was doing so good with no waste this week until I come upstairs and find the Baby in the kitchen with the box of Cheerios all over the floor and he's quickly trying to eat it all!! So no picture, sorry.  I did put on the bowl what I could steal away from him. Here it is:

   It's actually a pretty big Tupperware bowl aka half a cereal box big. I usually don't even count kids' food waste but by their waste I mean whatever is left on a plate (did I say, half of their dinner??...). But this is different. I only spent 99c on Cheerios but I'm still upset because they are Baby's favorite and that was our last box that I got on sale. Oh well, at least now I will triple-check that the pantry is always closed and the only things that are within his reach there are canned beans:)

And here's our menu for the week:

Mon.- shrimps, brown rice, frozen peas
Tues.- shepherd's pie, salad
Wed.- cheese quesadillas, steamed broccoli
Thurs.- leftovers
Fr.- grilled something :)
Sat.- vegetarian chili, cornbread
Sun.- crockpot chicken, pesto pasta, salad


Total spent this month :$161.94
Total saved: $53.36
Left to spend this month: $118.06
YTD spending: $1295.15
YTD savings: $720.16
YTD coupons used: 161
YTD waste: $30.92


  1. It is amazing how little you spend on groceries!! Food is a big money pit for most families, you rock it! Good luck on the decluttering, it seems to be an ongoing project in our home

  2. Hahaha... my oldest son, when he was 2, got into a cupboard took out a chocolate cake mix and spread it throughout his whole bedroom...what a mess !

  3. You always do so well, Lena! I need to get a few things in my fridge used up before we waste some food!

  4. I think the biggest mess I had to clean up when my kids were little were eggs--an entire dozen in the kitchen floor. They were slimy and hard to get up. The cereal dumps were frustrating, but not too hard to clean up.


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