Monday, May 7, 2012

Food waste Monday and a menu, week 5/7-5/13

Pin It    Ugh...My Internet has been acting up all day again...More on this tomorrow. Today I'm going to try to post but we'll see if it happens. So it's going to be a very short post.
   My food waste for this week:

      I was so close, so close to not having any waste this week until I found this 1/3 of a mango that kids never finished. It's just sad because it's such a small piece that could easily be avoided...Oh, well. I spent, 15c tops on it (the whole mango was on sale for 50c.).
   Talking about the sales, I've never posted my shopping trips from last week but we actually spent pretty much half of our grocery budget in one week. $132.39 to be exact. But I have an excuse-we did spend about $40 on diapers alone but we should be set for a couple of months (there is going to be another promotion in Smiths for diapers in the middle of May, so I will buy more but I will not spent nearly as much). Oh, and I will get almost $50 in different beer rebates. I do love beer rebates! They save us quite a bit of money every month!
   As for our menu this week, it's going to be very simple. We will be gone for 2 days, so we will mostly eat out of a fridge/pantry this week. I do need to buy some raisins and fruits. Baby has been pretty constipated in the last few days, so he needs more fiber in hid diet :)
   So here's our menu:

Mon- leftover beef stir-fry (see picture above), brown rice
Tues.- borcsht (Russian beet soup, read, more fiber for the baby :)
Wed.-Zucchini pasta
Thurs.-chicken Caesar salad
Fr.-out of town (will take some sandwiches with us for the road)
Sat.-out of town
Sun.-pizza, carrots, dessert (Mama-is-not-cooking Day)

Total spent this month :$132.39
Total saved: $46.60
Left to spend this month: $147.61
YTD spending: $1265.60
YTD savings: $713.40
YTD coupons used: 160
YTD waste: $30.42


  1. I need to start calculating food waste - I waste a LOT of food! It's terrible.

    1. Hey Daisy, it really gives you a different perspective when you put a dollar amount on what you throw away. It really helps me keep myself in check :)

  2. Your savings is amazing, Lena, no wonder you are going to get that new to you van sooner then later !

    1. Thank you, dear Cindy! I really hope so :)

  3. Diapers are crazy expencive even with coupons! Your menu for the week sounds good, I am just winging it this week but I need to come up with a better plan. When hubby is home seems like I spend most of my time in the kitchen or laundry room!!

    1. They are! I'm really considering using cloth at least occasionally when we have another baby. I'm just not sure I want to spend even more time doing the laundry :)

  4. Just like Daisy, I can't say that I alone waste a lot of food but my household does. I talk about it a lot but we are improving painfully slow. I really wish we could bring it down to 1/3 of a mango :)

    1. Well, I don't really count all the food kids leave on their plates :) That would be a disaster! I wish the kids would understand the concept of no food waste!

  5. My internet is acting up also. It's amazing how much we depend on it. Good work on almost no food waste this week.


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