Saturday, June 23, 2012

The fiscal fast update

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   A little update on my fiscal fast. For those who read it for the first time, check out my post here .So I try to stay under $100 in our spending for the rest of the month (minus utilities and other bills and gas because Hubby gets reimbursed for it)

Tues.-$1.98 for 2 cukes and some bananas,
          $1.07 for a calendar notebook from Dollar Store (really needed one. And it's for the next 18 months)
          free- soccer shin guards for the Kid (Hubby used his gift card to Sports Authority)
          $13.84- pictures for Russian passport (turned out to be the wrong ones :(
Wed.- no spend
Thurs.- no spend
Fr.- no spend
Sat.- $19.18-new pictures for the Russian passport (ugh!!)
         $2.89-tomatoes and cream cheese for a dessert I make for the night in with some girlfriends tonight.

So so far spent: $38.96

   It should be a lot less but I had to get two different sets of pictures for the Russian passport. Turned out that the dimensions on the first ones were wrong, and the Embassy is REALLy picky about it. So I had to get a new set plus two extras, hence spending unplanned $19...Oh well...On a good note, I still have plenty of money left and our fridge is full. I might need some bread and bananas next week but otherwise we should be fine (I do need to buy a B-day gift for my SIL but it's already planned)

   And on a completely different note, this week I became an official soccer Mom!!!:) Kid had his first ever practice on Monday and the first game on Wednesday (that they lost). To be honest, he's pretty bad but hey, it's all about having some fun. Plus it's only been two practices so far..He enjoys running just not chasing the ball :)

                  The blonde kid in red shirt in the middle is mine :)


  1. I'm joining in, Lena! :) I'll post my details tomorrow!

    Little kids in their soccer uniforms are SO CUTE!!

    1. Awesome!! Can't wait to see how it goes for you!

  2. I have to get "smartened" up here & start tracking. Will do today, but sure it was only the french fries we had along with the picnic lunch I packed yesterday was the only spending I did. Now hubby is a totally different matter, and I can not account for him, lol.

    1. Only french fries is pretty good!! :)

  3. Hi! Just found your blog through Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily. Can't wait to read back through your posts. Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Welcome, Theresa. Nice to "meet" you too :)

  4. Lena if I hav'nt mentioned it already I love the new look of your blog, you are obviously a lot more computer savvy than me I would'nt have a clue how to copywrite photos etc.

    Are you going to become one of those mad Soccer mum's who run up and down the pitch screaming ???

    1. Oh, I'm not computer savvy at all! I know how to play with Photoshop and Picmonkey a bit, and that's pretty much it :) I've been reading a lot about it though. I just wanted something that would reflect who I am better-something brighter, I guess :)

      And soccer Mom...I might, I might. He seems to get better but it's still quite a bit of work until I will start looking my voice screaming :)


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