Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Food waste and a menu, week 6/4-6/10

Pin It    Wow, where did this day go?? I was busy all day working on a few things. Couple of sneak picks:

   But more on this later this week. Now I wanted to post a quick update on our food waste. I thought I wouldn't have any food waste. I cleaned the fridge yesterday, went through the pantry, and the was nothing bad  anywhere. And then this morning I find this in the kitchen :

   Apparently some time last night Hubby went to get a pitcher of water out of the fridge, and the can of corn was in front of it. Surely enough, he put the pitcher back (how can he survive without some cold water here...) but not the corn...Sigh...it was half of a 50c can, so we he wasted 25c.

   And this week we are eating:
Mon.-pasta, salad
Tues.-pizza, cut up veggies
Wed.- crockpot butter chicken, rice, naan
Thurs.- black bean burgers, chips
Sat.- fish, rice, steamed veggies
Sun.- some sort of soup, sandwiches

What is on your menu this week?


  1. Bummer! So close!! Our menu plan ends tomorrow so I need to plan out another week!

    1. I know! Maybe, I should count Hubby as another kid :) I usually don't count what kids "waste" (it's usually whatever stays on their plates)

  2. I have some of that very same fabric!! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  3. Those cherries look delicious - did you get a great deal? Let me know where if you did. I canned some cherries last year (I think it was last year) when they were super cheap and they are so delicious (although I'm the only one that likes them). I would love to can some more.

    And I can't wait to see what that fabric is for . . .

    1. Hey Amy, I price-matched Rancho Market price of $1.29/lb. I doubt we'll see the price much lower than that. How do you can cherries?

  4. As food waste goes, that is not bad :) We too have become very good at not wasting food but every now and again I'll find something that's gone off. I hate throwing food away .....

  5. How frustrating so near and yet so far away, you got to love husbands !!!


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