Friday, June 1, 2012

May wrap-up and June goals

Pin It    May was a pretty good month for us, financially and otherwise. I was surprised to see how many yearly goals we achieved last month. As for our mini monthly goals...well, there is definitely room for improvement. I will "roll" all of the unfinished May projects into June:

Eat vegetarian twice a week: week 1 done! week 2 going strong, week 3 another great week, week 4 we did great the whole month!
Have a vacation/getaway DONE, DONE, DONE !!!
Organize hutch in the living room done
Paint picture frame in a bathroom done
finish Hubby's Birthday gift (stay tuned...:) done!
clean/organize a garage well, it's about 90% contained. We still have a few things there that we are trying to sell, and my sister need to pick up some of her stuff but overall we did great! We can actually park a car there now!!
switch all the bills to paper-free (I still have a few) done
list more stuff on KSL we actually just listed some last night. Hopefully, we will actually get some sold in June.
have a date yes, we did! Hubby gave me a surprise movie night. It was so much fun!!
get garden ready for more planting done
plant beans, kale, tomatoes, zucchini everything from this list is planted. Cucumbers, spinach and a few more things are now on the list for next week and the beginning of June.
exercise : week 1 kind of. I only exercised twice last week :( But so is Hubby, so we are on the same page so far, week 2 oh yeah, baby!, week3 failed :( Exercised only once last week, week 4nope, not really. Unless I count all the digging, pulling, caring,aka working on flower beds that we've done.
send all the rebates all sent. More to come in June
do front yard landscaping DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
declutter more 64 items this month. Not bad at all!!!
wash windows not yet.
buy gifts for Birthdays/ Mother's Day done
have a 7-day fiscal fast (only necessary spending)- it's this week, and we are going strong!
wash all the garbage cans in the house nope

   I am especially excited with finishing our front yard. We didn't do anything special. The truth is I don't know much about flowers, so my flower beds are usually very modest. I have one on the side of our house but on the front we wanted something clean and simple. I wish I would have some before pictures (it was BAD, I promise!) but I was too excited to start ripping everything off. Here are some after pictures. Sorry, I'm still a novice at photography :) :

   We planted two rose bushes. They are still tiny but we hope that within the next few years they will get big and gorgeous:

   We chose not to plant anything in the middle because we didn't want to block the window of already pretty dark room, so we opted for some gravel to keep to a minimum. I'm very pleased with the results! We live in a twin house (we share the wall with another family) in a community with similar building, so our options for landscaping are somewhat limited. But I at least don't feel ashamed every time I see the front of our house!

  Now to some June goals. I roll a few from June and add a couple more:

Finish cleaning the garage!!!
Clean all garbage cans
Wash the windows
Re-do the chair for the craft closet
Have a date with my Hubby
Go for a family vacation
Make at least $50 extra money
Organize Hubby's side of the closet (I think it's on his to-do list, not mine)...
Can some jam
Plant spinach, one more cucumber and more zucchini and squash plants 
Re-plant some plants around the house
Buy Father's Day gifts
Send a package to my Grandma
Start working on some Christmas gifts (more on this later)
Spend more time having fun with my family
Paint the front door
List some more stuff on KSL

Do you have any special goals this month that you want to achieve?



  1. Your roses are lovely, Lena. Come on up, I have lots of windows in need of a good washing! xxx

    1. I have tons too :( 8 to be exact, with 2 huge ones...Sigh...

  2. Great goals, Lena!! Good luck with them! I posted my goals... Hoping I didn't over "dream" my budget saving goals! lol!

  3. Roses are one of my favourite flowers and a welcome sight in any garden.
    Well done with the goals you don't look to have too many to roll over.....

  4. That's my kind of border! I'm useless at garde. It looks lovely Lena. Good luck with your goals this month :)

  5. Congrats on meeting so many of your goals. I have been working by the seat of my pants with no good plans in May, I need to get more structure in my life for June!! Your rose's are going to be wonderful in a few short years!!! Best of all low mainteance, my kind of plant!!!!

  6. I love roses. I have ones my grandmom planted 60 years ago still going strong and they look beautiful. I am really impressed by how much you got done this month though



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