Friday, June 15, 2012

Monthly goal updates

Pin It    I think it's time to update on June goals. The time really does fly! It's already the 15th, and with us being sick I didn't achieve much here. Oh well, I still have two more weeks. Here's where we are:

Finish cleaning the garage!!!-nope, not really
Clean all garbage cans-one so far
Wash the windows-also only washed 1
Exercise!!-oh, one big fat fail...
Re-do the chair for the craft closet-cut up fabric so far
Have a date with my Hubby-not yet but coming up soon
Go for a family vacation moved it to August
Make at least $50 extra money I made $24 so far. We sold 2 things on KSL, I did two surveys, returned some extra rocks from our lanscaping project. I finished a few secret shopping assignments but  didn't get paid yet.
Organize Hubby's side of the closet (I think it's on his to-do list, not mine)...nah...
Can some jam I canned a few cans of strawberry jam
Plant spinach, one more cucumber and more zucchini and squash plants still need to plant another zucchini tonight
Re-plant some plants around the house nope
Buy Father's Day gifts DONE
Send a package to my Grandma not yet
Start working on some Christmas gifts (more on this later) got some supplies
Spend more time having fun with my family yep
Paint the front door probably, will not even happen in June
List some more stuff on KSLnot yet but really need to do it!

   I was going to send a package to my Grandma today. I got a box but haven't filled it yet. So this morning I come to the living room (I left the empty box on the dresser there. BIG MISTAKE!!) and see my 5-year old playing with whatever is left from that box. He cut out the "knight's helmet" or whatever it's called out of it and is wearing it on his head...Gotta love kids' imagination...So now I will have to wait till Monday when Hubby goes back to the office because they should have some extra boxes there...Sigh...Nahhh...Smile :)

How are you doing on your goals?


  1. Kid's do the funniest things! We wnted to get our garage done this month but it might get moved to the fall, just to darn hot already

    1. Our garage is actually one of the coolest places in the house! I just don't have time:(

  2. Ha! I washed one window too....I keep looking at them and hoping they'll clean themselves! :)

    1. I know! I guess that's what I do too :)


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