Friday, August 10, 2012

Our trip to Bear, pictures, pictures...

Pin It    A few pictures from our trip to Bear Lake as promised. Bear Lake is a beautiful lake with an amazing blue-ish water that's about 20 miles long and located on the border of UT and ID. It's about 3.5 hour drive from us. Last time we went there 2 years ago with Hubby's family and it was a lot of fun but physically demanding with a baby and a bunch of screaming teenagers. So this time we decided that we needed a separate vacation, just 4 of us.

   On the way we enjoyed some beautiful places:

And a view of the lake itself (isn't it absolutely gorgeous?:)

 We stayed at the cute and inexpensive hotel with simple and cozy rooms:

  The kiddos loved to spend time at the beach and dig in the sand even though my 2-year old was absolutely terrified of water and preferred to stay on the beach:

   When we weren't on the beach (which was 90% of the time but no pictures of me in a swim suit...Sorry, not happening!!), we walked around:

...and enjoyed local raspberries and raspberry or smores shakes (SOOOO GOOD! But so not good for my waistline...):

On the last day we decided to go around the whole lake (hence extra expenses on gas). We passed a wild life habitat (pictures of the skunks are not included...):

Then we found an even better beach with lots of wet sand, shallow water for the first few feet and even "sand ribs" on the bottom of the lake. The water was amazing, warm like a soup and so transparent. When you go further to where you can swim, it actually turns into light-turquoise. So awesome:

   My Baby finally overcame his scare of water and had an absolute blast with his brother digging in the sand, looking for seashells and splashing.

   Overall, we had a grand time!!! I came back home very burned but so much more relaxed. We really needed this inexpensive, close-to-home vacation!! I already want to go back...Wouldn't it be awesome to live somewhere on the beach?



  1. Love the photos, Lena. So happy you had a fun relaxing holiday with your family.

  2. The shakes sound delicious. Glad you have fun. We've never been there.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time. You made me realize, I need a vacation too. Also, it looks like your new haircut worked well for this trip--easy to care for. Was it?

  4. Love the pictures! It looks like you had a blast :)

  5. great pictures, looks like a wonderful vacation!

  6. So pretty! Sounds like a great time.

  7. Glad to see the little guy had some fun with the water. I'm sure he'd be looking forward to it in the future.


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