Monday, December 10, 2012

Food waste Monday and a menu, week 12/10-12/16

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  How was your Monday? Mondays are always crazy on our side of the world...It's usually my laundry day. I try to squeeze all the laundry in the house in one day, and that can be a challenge. I also clean the fridge and plan our menu for the upcoming week.

I was really hoping not to have any food waste this time around but alas:


I wanted to use this cauliflower in a stir-fry but never got to make one :( I also had one bad avocado this week. Again something I planned to make (black bean salsa) but never did.

I'm trying to finish up lots of things in our fridge this week.

This is what our menu looks like:

Mon.- chicken, potatoes, steamed green beans
Tues.- IKEA eating out (kids eat free and we need to look for a Christmas gift)
Wed.- salmon, couscous, asparagus
Thurs.- soup and homemade bread
Fr.- chicken, pasta and salad
Sat.- leftovers
Sun.- zucchini pasta 

A pretty basic menu (minus the asparagus this time of the year. I stumbled upon a great sale for only  $1 a bunch. Couldn't pass it by!). I have most of the things in my fridge. I will only need to buy some cream cheese for pasta. But I will also be buying two hams on sale this week (I have two rebates for them too).

What are you eating this week? Any links to share?


  1. It's always fun to try an figure out what the food waste used to be. This week was a little more challenging and disgusting :)

    1. Didn't you just move?? Did you already managed to accumulate lots of disgusting food waste there? :)

  2. It may be simple, but sounds delicious. We had soup and homemade bread last night! It really hit the spot since it was a dark and dreary day.

    Great idea about the hams. I'll have to peruse the paper and see if there are any on sale in my neck of the woods!

  3. Sounds good! Yum! I need to make up a menu plan for the next week ASAP!


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