Friday, June 14, 2013

Twenty ways in 20 days, Day 10. Books.

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Looks like I already reached  half of this challenge. Where did the last ten (twelve, if we count weekend) days go?? I think, before I know it, the Kid will be back to school. Sigh...

Oh well, we are talking about what makes us happy, right? :) I guess, him getting knowledge should make me happy too :)

One of the things that I really like to do but rarely have enough time for is reading. Every Saturday we go to the library and get a nice selection for the kids and for ourselves. I wish, I could say that I read at least a book a week but sometimes I'm lucky to sneak ten minutes a couple times a week (and yes, it's often in the bathroom :)

But I looked at my book stash today and thought I would share it with you today:

 photo 00100_zps0fecf7ec.jpg

I guess, in my search for a more frugal and content life I gravitate towards books on that topic too:) I'm actually reading mostly Jeff Yeager's book (the one on the right). Let me tell you, the guy is nuts at times (you know, eating goat heads and all..) but he has a few great points in his book on how to live with less and be happy.

"The money secrets of the Amish" my husband brought it home tonight because it was on hold in our local library. I can't wait to read it!

And I always like some clean Amish romance too when I need some light reading :) I could never live in isolation like they do (oh, without a computer. Are you kidding me??) but I think Amish people deserve some applause.

And yes, Debby, your book is in my book stash too right now :)

So what made you happy today? And what are you reading right now?


  1. Hubby being off today made me happy!
    I just finished reading The Amish Gift by Cynthia Keller, really enjoyed it. You may enjoy her Amish books she has a few, they are nice reads & not real long.

    1. I will definitely check her books out! Thank you for advice, Rhonda :)

  2. Happy reading, Lena!

    Day 10: Getting unexpected alone time with my husband while the kid went to a playdate.


    1. Thank you, Nan. Time with your husband is the best, especially when you have kids :) You don't understand how precious those moments are until kids come around, lol :) I'm glad you could enjoy some time together.


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