Monday, August 5, 2013

Food waste and menus, week 8/5-8/11

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How was your Monday?

Ours was busy, as usual. Hubby left home really early and got back only after 5 pm. Mixed results from his interviews today. Honestly, the first never even happened. He had two interviews with that company over the phone but when he got there, it turned out that they already hired somebody for the position he applied for and wanted to interview him for a totally different position with MUCH lower pay and totally different responsibilities. It has never happened to him before, and I wish they would warn him in advance, so he wouldn't waste time and gas. It seems like it's something that should've been discussed on the phone ahead of time...

The other interview went pretty well, so we are hopeful...

OK, and now to the usual food talk here :) Honestly, the second half of last week was a blur. I vaguely remember what we ate, and I definitely didn't stick to our menu much. Headaches and colds do it to you...

I also didn't watch food waste much but we didn't really have any. The only thing that I know of that went bad was about a half cup of grated mozarella. I was planning on using it but it went bad before I had the chance :( I forgot to take a picture, so instead here is one of yet another zucchini in our garden :)

 photo IMG_1033_zps8668bae7.jpg

Good thing, I like zucchinis so much(as do my friends and neighbors :)...

So this week we are eating:

Mon. -hot dogs, salad (catching up on some work today :)
Tues.- leftover pasta, crock pot chicken in tomato sauce (I'm experimenting again :)
Wed.- rice-chicken-cauliflower casserole, steamed green peas
Thurs.- rice, beef and vegetable stir-fry (bumped from last week)
Fr.- zucchini pasta (bumped from last week)
Sat.- pizza, salad
Sun.- some sort of soup (TBD)

We'll see how much I will actually stick to the menu 'cause it's still pretty hot here :)

And what are you eating this week?


  1. Not sure what we're going to have tonight. Time to figure that out. Yesterday, we had tortellini with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes.

  2. Summer colds are the pits for sure! Glad everyone is starting to feel better. I have our cock pot going today as is is WAY too hot for cooking but I am tired of eating whatever I can find in the panrty! Good luck on hubby's job search

    1. Thank you, Debby! I definitely need to use my crock pot more :)

  3. Good Morning Lena, (((Hugs))) Hope your family is feeling much better today...

    Companies just don't care... I am praying for him to find work... Don't be discouraged because of the interview...God has something bigger and better... When Russ interviewed where he is working now.. He flew from Texas to Iowa and didn't even interview with the manager because the managers daughter was having a baby... So he was at the babies birth,,... Russ came home discouraged. The next day the job was offered to Russ... Russ said he didn't even interview with the manager and the manager told him that the people who interview him was the people he had to work with and they all liked Russ...Russ has been with the company 17 years now....

    We are starting with the zucchini to and tomatoes... and they are good... I have diced zucchini up and froze to add to stir fries during the winter time....

    Have a wonderful day....

    1. Oh, this is awesome that Russ got a job the next day!! I hope, they paid his traveling expenses,lol :) My Hubby had a couple of really good interviews so far. I'm really hopeful now :)

  4. hope your husband gets the job. Love zucchini as well...

  5. Your husband and your whole family are in our prayers. There is a perfect job waiting for him it just has to find its way


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