Thursday, December 26, 2013

How was your Christmas??

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Hello, my lovelies! How was your Christmas??

We had a beautiful and quiet Christmas this year, with some gifts but mostly with lots of cuddles and wonderful family moments. We had two parties with both sides of Hubby's family with lots of fun, laughter and delicious food. This year I made the "tree" instead of a traditional vegetable tray (thanks, Pinterest :)

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It was SO easy to make! The only problem is that nobody wanted to destroy the tree:)

Hubby got me a much wanted gift - a 58 in. tripod!! Thank you, sweetie! I'm so excited to use it for picture taking - no more shaky hands here :) Ironically, I was trying to post a photo of it here and the computer wouldn't load. Blah...

On a good note, we came in $22 under this Christmas. I'm pretty happy with this number and already added it to our 2014 Xmas budget. We will bump it up a little next year because this time I didn't send a package back home (I just took my gifts in the fall when I went to be with my Mom). But I'm  gonna worry about it when the time comes :) Now I'm just counting days until the beginning of the New Year.

So how was your Christmas? The best moments? The worst? Come, share it all!


  1. Hi Lena glad you had a great Christmas. Ours? Well Christmas day was very quite here. We had the traditional dinner and open presents. L says she felt very spoilt because all she wanted was 1 Direction stuff, which she got and some other things. Then we watched the TV for the rest of the day. Boxing day we went to two family parties which is always great fun. Next is New Years Eve.

  2. How lovely - hope you had a fantastic time with your lovely family. x

  3. Our Christmas was good minus the sick husband & kids... lol! I think everyone is on the mend though, so i'm thankful! :) Tripods are great!! Enjoy!

  4. Love the Christmas tree you made, yum, yum, crunch, crunch!


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