Friday, April 25, 2014

The Frugal Fridays

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Hello, hello.
How was your week, my lovelies? Today I wanted to talk about free money that you can get from different rewards programs. Because who doesn't like free money, right?

Most of you have heard of programs like Swagbucks which I, myself, love. It works very simple - you do daily searches and after a few (used to be on the second try but now it's more like the 10th) you get some points that vary from 5 to 50. I've heard some people telling that they even got 100 points at one time but it's never happened to me. You can also earn extra points for watching videos, doing surveys or daily polls and just by shopping online. Then you can redeem those points for gift cards and other small merchandise. It really is pretty simple and points quickly add up.

My other favorite is Mypoints. It works somewhat similar to Swagbucks - you also do searches. The difference is I know exactly how many points I can earn each month for doing a certain amount of searches. I have to say, I kind of like it better :) They also send you e-mails but not all of them are worth something. With Mypoints you can do surveys and shop and get points back too that you later can redeem for gift cards to hundreds of different places. From the beginning of the year I already have $25 worth of points:)

Another one that I really like is Recyclebank. What I like the most about them is that I always learn something new about how to live green and conserve. Their garbage recycling program doesn't exist in our area but there are still plenty of ways to earn rewards on their site. I mostly prefer free magazine subscriptions (like This Old House for yours truly! Love it!).

Since I mentioned cash back sites, my favorite ones are still Ebates or Shop at home. I never buy anything online before checking both these sites to see who offers a better percentage back. I have to say, I don't shop online very often so it takes me some time to get to a pay off minimum ($20) but it's still worth it. When we bought our new fridge, we got $60 back from Ebates!

Last few programs that come to mind are rewards from the stores. I recently discovered that when you get a store card from Kmart, they will send some very valuable coupons. For example, a few weeks ago I got a $10 off $15 instant discount on anything in the store (bought a 10 pack of socks for Hubby, a maxi skirt for myself and a huge bottle of weed killer for our poor patio that vinegar cannot help any more, and spend less than $16 for all after coupon, tax included - basically just paid for the skirt :), then last Saturday they sent me $3 off $3 (got some candies and egg dye for Easter with it). There are many stores that occasionally send you some valuable coupons. JC Penney, Kohls, Kroger stores immediately come to mind.

So what rewards programs do you do and why? And how was your frugal week?

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  1. I may have to give the online rewards programs another try. It seems anytime I try to get something free online, it costs me a lot in extra emails. However, I do enjoy my Kolhs' coupons.

  2. "How was your week, my lovelies?"-Cutest line EVER!!!!
    I'm so impressed by you for being wonderfully versed and this is your second language. Amazing. I can't imagine how hard that was. Hey, you should post a Russian word or two every post. Don't you hate when people make more work for you. ;p
    The only thing on the list that I don't do is Ebates but I think that My Points is pretty similar and I use them.
    I try to do as many programs as possible because I hate to think that I ma letting free money slip by.
    Have a great weekend, my lovely!

  3. Now I feel lovely too! I really don't have time for Swagbucks etc but will look into them when I retire. I do have a swag books account but don't use it. All I have for now is my president's choice master card which gives me free points towards groceries and adds up quite quickly. They also have a gas station and I get a rebate back for every purchase of gas. All in all it gives me an extra $300+ to spend at the grocery store. I just use my credit card for every purchase then pay it off daily.

    1. I like my credit card rewards too. I'm saving all the money back for Christmas right now :)

  4. I do swagbucks and mypoints, and that's all. I am not usually up for the surveys, but if I had more time I probably would do them.

  5. I use Swagbucks and Ebates but I get the most rewards from our credit card. It took me awhile to figure out a system of always using our credit cars while not spending more than with cash. I now pay our credit card weekly so I'm on top of it.


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