Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gardening season is here!

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I apologize for being absent for a few days. This time it wasn't lazy me, unfortunately, it was our Internet again. It's been on and off, and it's so annoying. Ironically, we had a salesman stop by today tying to sell us OUR Internet service, and to my question why it's not working all he could mumble was that we could upgrade to a better speed for more money. Yeah, right... We have a decent speed already... when it works... So, thank you but no thank you.

So forgive me for skipping my usual Monday post. I'm pretty sure you will survive without looking at my compost feed this time around :)

Instead I want to talk gardening today because I'm so excited about this season. This year I've been slacking on it, mainly, because we wanted to re-do our raised beds. The old ones weren't really raised and I would get all kinds of junk and clippings inside. And yes, clippings are great for the actual lawn, not so much for the vegetable garden (since we try to keep our garden organic). Sorry, don't have any before pictures but these are the after (don't pay attention to all the weeds, I still need to tackle them):

 photo IMG_1114_zpsc649e6bb.jpg

I got some parsley back from last year and I have onions but that's it in the beds so far. But I will use them mostly for tomatoes and squashes. I also got the green house I really wanted:

 photo IMG_1115-1_zps3e58e0cf.jpg

So far I planted peppers and cucumbers in there:

 photo IMG_1117-1_zps271bb1df.jpg

On the other hand, my container strawberries are all blooming:

 photo IMG_1116-1_zps76a72396.jpg

And look what I found today hiding under the branches:

 photo IMG_1120-1_zps3f431b59.jpg

The first rose of the season! I'm so excited about it! The garden season is definitely here and it's on, baby, it's on!

Do you have a garden? What have you planted so far? What do you plan to plant?


  1. We have a garden - Adam is trying out a new watering system this round. Hopefully it helps cut down on the weeds since our garden is huge. I did transplant some seeds we started indoors and killed most of them. So I'm off to buy some more plants today. Oh, well, I'm still fairly new at this gardening thing. And I have spent most of my time trying to tackle the weeds all over my yard. It's when I'm weeding that I wish we had a smaller yard.

  2. So is that a portable green house? You'll move it once the weather is warmer?

    1. It is a portable one but I'm actually planning on keeping there all summer and way into fall. Our summers are extremely hot and dry. And the green house helps to retain humidity. My peppers and cukes seem really happy in it and already sprouted a few new leaves. My sister got a green house last year (to save her plant from the chickens), and she had peppers all the way till the end of November. So I decided to try it this year too. We'll see how it goes :)

  3. We have a beautiful flower garden out front that blooms soo many gorgeous flowers with absolutely NO help from me! The owners in this house before us must have been wonderful gardeners as they keep blooming for us! lol!

  4. You have things arranged very neatly, and your strawberries look great.
    And your tooth fairy pillow...keep it handy...I recall my kids losing one of their teeth when they are around 13...just when you think you are finished...and yes they still expect a tooth fairy stipend!

    As for the topic of children...I was just discussing this with my youngest daughter who is now 19. We were talking about the Duggers. I think they are wonderful. With breastfeeding on demand, (and nights) up to the age of 16 months per child, I never had my kids too closely spaced (and not giving solid foods until age 1).
    But I feel, and I think my Catholic Church feels, that God respects our freedom. We are to accept children lovingly as a gift from God. But we are kindof co-workers with God. Using natural family planning methods, we can take into account several things, such as our mental health, physical health, money situations, and plan our families. As long as we are open to God's will. God doesn't want us to be baby-factories.

    I think you sound very responsible!

  5. I should add, that I have a neighbor who could not have children and adopted a child as a baby, whose mother already had several children and couldn't care for her due to bad circumstances. This child (who is now 18) grew up so happy, coddled, loved. As she reached pre-teen, she even met her birth mother and she (at that young age) totally understood how her birth mom could not care for her and she loved/accepted her adopted parents as her God-given family.


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