Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's about the little things...

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I'm a Scrooge. I do not like spending money. I especially don't like spending it on myself. I guess I belong to that sad group of people who don't think they deserve "this" or "that", and would rather spend it on the kids (or stash into savings if kids don't need anything). I know that Dave Ramsey likes to point out the importance of the "blow" money but I'm yet to learn to blow without feeling guilty...

It happened to me again yesterday. In the past few weeks my body started turning from a cute little pregnancy-belly mama into a clumsy waddling duck. Just FYI, I measure about 34-35 weeks right now, and it's getting increasingly hard to walk or do simple things. Considering I still have more than 10 weeks to go (in reality), it makes me a little uneasy, to say the least...

The other problem I ran into is that I have less and less maternity clothes that I still fit into. In fact, I'm living in leggins and shorts about 80% of the time. I knew that I needed to buy more or, should I say, bigger clothes because even though I'm all for comfort, I still need to look presentable when I go to Church, for example.

I needed a new skirt. After scavenging a few thrift stores in fruitless attempts I had to accept the fact that there are just no comfy (or really any) skirts out there in a 25 mile radius from our house, so I have to buy new. The thought made me cringe because I would only wear it for 10 weeks... And yes, I could, probably, make one myself but try to do it when your belly extends another 10 inches in front of you... Yeah, not happening.

So to the Old Navy we went. I found a simple, black maxi skirt and turned the tag: $29.94. Ouch! After pacing a few circles around the store, I finally convinced myself, "Buy the skirt or go naked, girl!" At around that point my legs gave up on me and I passed the skirt to my sweet husband who was nice enough to accompany me to the store and then I found a spot to sit down...

As he was standing in line, he noticed another tag that I didn't see at first. He gestured me about the discount:

 photo IMG_1455_zps3e312a86.jpg

Nice!! The price was getting better by the minute. But when the cashier ran the tag, the price just became incredible. You want to know how much we spent??

 photo IMG_1456_zps2bb03c66.jpg

Yep, just 51c!! Hubby even double-checked it with the cashier but she said that if that's what it rang for, that's what we pay. The little Scrooge in me was really happy! And there is nothing wrong with the skirt but, apparently, if it was returned for any reason, they are not allowed to sell it for full price. Store policy. Gotta love me some Old Navy...

It's all about the little blessings in life :)...

Have you gotten any awesome, fantastic deals lately that you care to share? Or, maybe, your best find ever?


  1. Wow! That was a great deal and it was waiting just for you.

  2. TIme to learn to splurge a bit on yourself. Being frugal does not mean viewing spending as a necessary or in some cases unnecessary evil. It means being discerning with your decisions to get the most bang out of your buck. ( For example, looking at a 30 dollar skirt that will look good right now when you need it, but is not so expensive that it would be painful to get rid of it when it no longer fits your needs.)
    It means making decisions about what is worth the money for the value it brings to your life. Sometimes it is a splurge cup of coffee ( For me the 1.62 large coffee from McDonalds is a weekly gift. I go to a class every Wednesday morning and I have delicious coffee that lasts through the entire class with a tiny bit left for the drive home. I suppose I could make my own and take it, but I am worth $1.62 a week.)
    Your value far exceeds $30 for a skirt, so you should not have felt guilty even if it cost full price. (Assuming the $30 would not adversely affect the weekly budget) For the price you got it though, you should be jumping up and down with joy ( or maybe having your sons jump up and down for you).
    We are meant to enjoy our life and enjoy the blessings in it. And really enjoy a $.51 skirt!

    1. My husband says the same thing :) But it's a work in progress, I guess :)

  3. Wowser. That is a pretty good saving!!

    My best ever was when I was at University. I bought two pizzas, which were reduced from £3 to 58p, and a large bottle of cola for 85p.

    However, the pizzas were also part of a 2 for £4 deal, so it knocked another £2 off the total.

    This left me with a total to pay of.....1p!! Dinner tasted good that night!!

  4. Hello Lena
    What a fabulous find and buy!!!! Now that doesn't happen often at least for me. I would be jumping with glee! Now I'm older.....ufff sounds vintage!!! Anyhow now I'm older I find I don't enjoy shopping for clothes so much and I feel very very reluctant to spend on myself too.
    I don't think you are a Scrooge at all !!!
    Not long now and looking forward to pics of your little babes.

    keep well
    Amanda :-)

  5. Yay! What a bargain! If I see something that is slightly damaged I sometimes ask for a reduction, they usually are glad to. Congratulations and good luck with everything.

  6. What a great deal!!
    I think He knows when we need a little blessing!

  7. Wow, now that is Divine Providence watching over you in even the smallest ways! (I always like to think my guardian angel is shopping with me when something like that happens...but your bargain is amazing!)

  8. That's awesome!


  9. Go Lena! It reminds me of being 39 weeks pregnant with my second (huge) son. I said to the nurse that I wont be here next week as am now out of clothes. Her reply, if you dont have him this week you are going to run out of skin! Scary!!

    1. I'm afraid I will run out of skin too!!! I'm getting bigger and bigger so quickly...

    2. I know bigger and bigger feels weird, but how wonderful that the babies are growing as you expand. Twins just require more space1

  10. I am 34 weeks this week with my 2nd daughter and I haven't gained as much weight this time but my maternity clothes from before still mostly fit...I have bought 3 maxi dresses and 1 maternity shirt this whole pregnancy for a total of $66 total and the dresses I will wear even after baby so definite win! I won't be wearing some of my bigger things from last time... if you are interested I can send them to you rather than bringing to goodwill.


  11. Oh wow.. that's an awesome deal! Enjoy it!! :) I bet you smile every time you wear it! lol!

  12. That was a great deal. Don't you love getting lucky like that? For my 50th high school reunion, I paid $3 for a maxi dress and $4 for a little shrug. You can wear that skirt for at least the first few weeks after birth if it is not ruined and you can stand to put it on...lol.

  13. Great job!!!!
    I love when I get deals like this! You deserve it but I understand how you didn't want to spend money on something that wouldn't be around for long.
    Hey and us Scrooges need to unite! We are the reason that are families make it!

  14. Hi Lena, your skirt is cheaper than a thrift store skirt, that's great!

    Hope you are fine.


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