Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First shopping trip of this year

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   I had my first grocery shopping trip of the year yesterday. I usually try to shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays but I have a wedding this Saturday plus we were completely out of milk, so I decided to go on Monday. I did end up going to a couple of different stores. I bought a case of olives (79c per can) and a case of mac and cheese (39c per box). We don't usually eat mac and cheese but my picky kiddo that I babysit eats, probably, 10 different things total. And that's it!! So mac and cheese is a must here right now! But this box should last us for the rest of the year (hopefully...). I also price-matched cucumbers with Rancho Market( 5 for 99c), some salad in Walmart with Harmons( Walmart has WAY bigger bunches than Harmons), cheese with Smiths( $5.99 plus used $1 coupon of cheese from www.coupons.com, milk with Rancho Market ($2.29 plus used 75c coupon). I got a few other items but these are the highlights of my trip.
     I also grabbed 2 boxes of Infant Advil from Walgreens. I used 2 $2 coupons (found at my doc's office) , spent $6.68 after coupons and got $3 Catalina back. This is my stock-up price, especially with a teething baby here!

Anyway, total spent this week- $50.33, total saved $28.64

YTD spending: $50.33
YTD savings: $28.64
Left to spend this month: $229.67
YTD waste: $2.49

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