Monday, January 9, 2012

Food waste Monday

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  My baby was coughing all night and woke up with a fever this morning. So cleaning a fridge is hardly on my list today. I did quickly look through all the stuff in it and made the list of things that need to be used within the next few days. I did pretty good last week, and finished all our leftovers.  But I still have tons of food left after the wedding. I only have one thing to report, and it's not my fault at all that we didn't eat it!

  I stumbled upon some discounted vegetable trays at Smiths that still had a week until the expiration dates, so we got a bunch of them for the wedding. We had a few left. But I opened one of them yesterday and just felt this nasty smell. As you can see from the picture, everything LOOKS nice too. I did try one of the tomatoes and bit on a carrot, and it tasted  absolutely disgusting!! So I chucked the whole thing. Kinda of sad because it still had 3 days until it's Sell by date!! I'm thinking of writing to Kroger and complaining about it.

   Other than that, everything else still seems to be edible :)

Updated 01/10- I actually found a can half full of beans on the back of the fridge that smell kind of funky. So that's another 50c.

YTD spending: $50.33
YTD savings: $28.64
Left to spend this month: $229.67
YTD waste: $5.24


  1. Hope the baby is better today and everyone gets a little sleep. Wonder what made the veggie tray smell so bad?

  2. He feels better, thank you! And I don't know what was wrong with veggies. The tray was sealed and looked completely normal. I actually did write to Kroger about it too but I'm yet to get a response from them.


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