Friday, January 6, 2012

My mirror project!!!

Pin It    This Christmas my husband gave me a big leaner mirror. I've been looking for one for a while but they were way out of our budget. Finally I found one in Walmart (of all places...) But even at the price of $44, it still wasn't something I could just go ahead and buy. So I decided to try to squeeze it in our budget next year. But my sweet hubby gave it to me as a gift instead. Love you, honey!

  I love this mirror because of the size-27" x 62"!! I had this idea forever to put a mirror over our couch in the living room with the quote on it. So after he gave it to me, I turned to Etsy and found this beautiful quote. I absolutely fell in love with it! It shares perfectly how we feel about our family. So I immediately ordered it. Actually, it turned out that they are located in our state, so my hubby just picked it up couple days later.

   And here's the finished project. I wish I would have a better camera (or better photography skills...) to show you how cute it turned out! I never knew how hard it is to make a picture of a mirror- especially if you don't want your reflection in a picture too. But here it is! I love it:
   And a closer look:

   I didn't put the very top of the quote on it. It will go on some other little project...

Disclaimer: I did not get any reimbursement from VinylLettering. I just love their work and the quality of their products, and I highly recommend them.


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