Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu, week 1/23-1/29

Pin It    Well, after my epic Food Waste this week, I do have quite a few things that need to be used up. So here's the plan:

Mon.- easy breezy turkey loaf (new recipe), mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots
Tues.- chicken ceaser salad
Wed.- breakfast burritos for dinner
Thurs.-spaghetti, salad
Fr.-cheesy potato bacon casserole, frozen veggies
Sat.-leftovers for lunch, tuna sandwiches for dinner
Sun.-soup for lunch, Birthday dinner with family (potluck,we are bringing a salad)


  1. Sounds like a week of delicious meals! Good luck with the food waste this week!

  2. Sounds nummy, I made a meatloaf and there is enough for tomorrow, also have spaghetti sauce thawed for Wednesday, we are going out Friday, so Thursday? Something with eggs, I think I will boil a bunch of potatoes and eggs tomorrow, this can make an easy egg salad and eggs, with fried potatoes, cheese and a little bacon and onions. Yum. Simple,cheap and it uses eggs!

    1. Kim, sounds delicious. We are completely out of eggs. We actually had a sale in one of our local stores where eggs were 99c a dozen( ended yesterday). So I sent hubby to get some but they were completely out. So he got a rain check. All by himself! Didn't even need any reminders from me. I'm so proud of him! :)


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