Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rainbow jell-o recipe, just like I promised.

Pin It      I love rainbows. I truly do!! Every time I see a rainbow, it just makes my day. And so many times in my life, when I had a hard decision to make or just needed a boost of happiness, I would see a rainbow. So one of my favorite desserts is a rainbow jell-o (obviously!!). There are lots of variations online on how to make it, using whipped cream, sour cream, sweetened condensed milk. I prefer to make it with plain yogurt ( just a little healthier). And you can use normal or sugar-free jell-o. I just made some for my friend for her Birthday last week. It is very easy to make, just time-consuming (you'll have to wait for every layer to set.)
   You will need:

Transparent plastic cups ( I used the ones from Walmart, I needed 6)
1 pt. plain yogurt
1 3oz package black cherry jell-o ( I didn't use it, just didn't have it in my store)
1 3oz package blue berry jell-o
1 3oz. lime jell-o
1 3oz. lemon jell-o
1 3oz. orange jell-o
1 3 oz. strawberry jell-o ( I used cherry, what I had on hand)

Put your cups into a 9x13 form for stability and to make it easier to move around. Mine fits 6 cups.

    Begin with black cherry and follow the same instructions for each flavor in order given. Dissolve black cherry jell-o in 1 cup of boiling water. Divide in half. To 1 half, add 4 TBSP (without a top) of plain yogurt.Whisk really well. Pour this mixture equally into cups and let set in a fridge. It takes about 25 min. After 25 min. are over, add 3 TBSP. of cold water to the other half and pour it over the first. Put back in a fridge for half an hour. Repeat with all 6 flavors. Be patient, let every layer set!!!

   You can decorate your cups with whipped cream and sprinklers.

    For a gift, I wrapped four cups ( there are 4 members in their family) with a plastic wrap, put a card in between and decorated with a bow.

You can also make your jell-o right in a 9x13 form (just spray it very lightly with cooking spray to let come out easily) or even use a bundt pan. Check out this beauty:


Bon appetite!


  1. I would be terrified to try it in a bundt pan - afraid it wouldn't come out. Did you make that one in the fancy bundt? It does look beautiful, but so do the individual serving cups. What a cute birthday present!

    1. I've never made one in a bundt( I just don't won a form) but I made it in 9x13. The secret is to spray a form with cooking spray before you do your layers and shorter times for layers to set. When you make it in a cup, you let all the layers set completely, and when you do it in other forms, you let it set until it's almost done (probably, about 20 minutes) because you want layers to be stuck to each other or they will separate when you get your jell-o out. Hope it helps!

    2. I mean, I don't own a form :)

  2. that is too cute! perfect for birthday parties :)

    1. Soooo beautiful! I love this will have to try this one day!

  3. Hi Lena, I love Rainbows too and I love Ombre Cakes!! I have a board on pinterest called Colorful Cakes, check it out if you would like too. pinterest.com/Lynnturnips2/ I need to put this on my "need to make" list:) Lynn H @ Turnips 2 Tangerines


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