Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!! And a menu for this week.

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    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  I hope, you'll have an amazing day with your valentine and your loved ones. We will have a very quiet evening together, with some apple cider and ice-cream. And we'll probably work on our taxes tonight. Boring, I know...

I realized that I didn't post our menu for this week. Last two weeks weren't very good for my weight- with all the sugar that my parents brought in our house (it's not an excuse, I know!!) and too much of the Birthday cake, I gained 3.5 pounds. In two weeks... But I also didn't exercise at all while they were here. So I'm back to exercising and making better food choices(minus some ice cream tonight)

Mon-leftovers from the Birthday party, salad
Tues-leftovers again, asparagus, a bit of ice cream
Wed-pasta with marinara sauce, steamed broccoli
Thurs-chicken ceaser salad
Fr-brown rice with shrimp,frozen veggies
Sat-some sort of a vegetable soup
Sun-crock pot beef ribs, egg noodles, carrots
I don't have any pictures of our meals last week, so here's the picture of a chocolate that my Hubby gave me yesterday. Now I just need to control myself when it comes to Lindt...


  1. I am making the Pioneer Woman's Corn and Cheese Chowder tonight. Let me know what vegetable soup recipe you use. I would love to make that next week!

  2. I love Lindt! Very Yummy. Looks like a great weight loss menu and very delicious. I like to splurge on Birthdays too, then it is right back to the same diet and exercise. That way it is a small gain for a small time and I still got to have my cake and eat it too! :)


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