Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping trips from last week(very quick update)

Pin It    I was working on  the final numbers for the double challenge and just realized that I never posted shopping trips from last week. I just had a very crazy weekend. So here's a very short version:

    I went to Walmart on Friday. I usually shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays but last week it was Friday and Saturday too. I'm not going into much details but total spent was $25.73, total saved- $8.09, coupons used- 2.

   I also stopped by Reams really quick (no picture) but I grabbed  more milk, blackberries, a yellow and red pepper (69c each), string cheese. Total spent: $6.05, total saved- $3.34, no coupons used. Or and I sent my Hubby to grab another gallon of milk on Monday. Totals spent:$2.25 . I've been doing some baking on Sunday for Baby's Birthday , and we when kids are here, we usually go through about 2 gallons a week. Luckily, this week my sister will give me some milk that she got for free.

   So these are my numbers for the this week. I was hoping to save a little more this month but I'm pretty pleased with these numbers:

Total spent this month: $207.65
Total saved: $107.76
Left to spend this month: $72.35
YTD spending: $482.86
YTD savings: $258.87
 YTD coupons used : 59
YTD waste: $27.18

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