Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Double challenge update, week 4. We did it, we did it, we did it!!!

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It was a good week and a good month for us! I am finally done with all the numbers for this month, and I'm so excited!
First, I am done with my "dreaded" part of the de-cluttering challenge. Here are again my before pictures:

The bathroom "reading" basket(no was terrible...)

The paper drawer in the kitchen (long overdue...)

Under the side table in the living room:

And these are the after pictures:

   I sill need to enter all of the Coke rewards in a baggie in our paper drawer. We rarely drink soda now but my Hubby drinks quite a bit of Powerade, and we get soda lids from family parties. And I love how clean our space is under the side table in the living room. This table sits in the corner next to the staircase, and Hubby just loves to put his stuff under it. NO MORE!! Now I just wish I could get rid of this ugly carpet too...Oh well, one day...So total de-cluttered this month- 49 items (my goal was 29).

   And now to the no/low spend part of the challenge:
Feb 22- no spend day
Feb 23- $3 parking at the airport when Hubby took my parents (misc. budget)
Feb 24- spent $25.73 on food at Walmart
Feb 25- $6.05 at Reams (food budget). I also went to the baby sale and grabbed couple of things for the kiddos. This sale wasn't as good as before. I spent $12.99-budgeted for it before, not part of a challenge.
Feb. 26- no spend
Feb 27- grabbed a gallon of milk from Reams, $2.25 (food budget)
Feb 28- had a doctor's appointment and didn't have time to make dinner, so we decided to use my Applebee's gift card that I got for my Birthday and eat out on Tuesday instead of Saturday, as we planned before. Total spent after card(including tips): $8.53 -from our eating out budget.
Feb 29- no spend

So these are the numbers for the month of February:
Food- spent $207.65, left $72.35
Misc.- Spent $71.93, left $48.07
Eating out- Spent $32.13, left $27.87

I'm so excited that we have some money left in every category!!! We also saved $95 in utilities this month. And my baby got $30 for his Birthday from his aunt and great-grandma towards the trampoline.

So with all of these total we now have $313.29 in our trampoline fund!!! I can't believe it! It's way more than we hoped for. I'm so excited!! Now we can go ahead and buy our kids a trampoline for summer.

I really can't believe we had such a wonderful month in February and just so very grateful for it. Especially because after we did our budget for March, we can see it's going to be VERY tight.Among other things, I decided to lower our food amount to $250. We'll see how that goes. But today we will celebrate (with a homemade dinner, of course)!!Wohoo!!


  1. Isn't it great to sacrifice for a goal and actually achieve it? So worth the wait.

    1. It is! I never expected us to reach this goal in February. I can't stop jumping from excitement.

  2. Congrats on nailing your finances this month!

  3. Congrats on all you were able to do!!! New toy for the kiddo's and a decluttered house for you, everybody is a winner!!! Good luck in March I know you will rock it as well.

    1. Thank you, Debby, dear. It looks like March will be tough but if we work together, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to make it!

    2. Hi there Lena! Your budget makes sense. I have slowly, but surely working on small things like that on my end. Nothing has been concrete, but I am seriously need to do it. You have great goals! So let me ask you since you are down for the month say on your projection do you add the saved money into a certain area of need say ie saving for your minivan? Curious of this since we all have things we need to save for! Probably need to invest in Excel for spreadsheets....:S Have a beautiful weekend and bless you and yours.

    3. Well, this month we were saving for a trampoline for our kids for summer. Usually we don't get as much saved, so I'm super excited. March should be a lot harder for us because of some medical bills and two upcoming doctor's appointments. My husband's salary doesn't allow us to save for anything really, so whatever I make from baby-sitting (minus taxes and tithes) goes to the minivan fund. Plus, all of our tax returns will go there too!


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