Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping trips this week.

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  I went to a few stores this week. First, we went to Walmart on Wednesday with my Mom and got quite a bit of stuff for my Birthday party tomorrow and overall for the rest of the week. Highlights of this trip:
1 White cloud toilet paper- $5.97 plus used a $2 coupon(not available any more)=$3.97
2 Bear creek soups- price-matched to 2/$5 at Maceys plus used $1 of 1 coupon=$1.50 each
Green peppers-29c, price-matched to Reams
Asparagus-1.49, price-matched to Reams
4 Betty Crocker fruit snacks- 89c/ea, price-matched to Fresh Market.
2 Kraft dressings-$1.88, price-matched to Maceys, used 2 50c/1 blinkies plus $1 off produce if you buy 2=$1.38/ea plus $1 worth of produce free

Total spent in Walmart: $58.88 (but I will get $5 in Bud beer rebate for paper plates-my friend sent me that one)
Total saved: $13.72
Coupons used: 6

I also went to Smiths and Reams this week but forgot to get pictures. At Reams I got 3 6oz boxes of blueberries for $1.25 ea (gave one to my Mother-in-law. She babysat for us while we spent some time with my parents) and 1 orange pepper for 99c
Total spent: $4.88
Total saved: $2.85
No coupons used

At Smith we got Cottage cheese on sale, some discounted produce, big thing of hand soap( we completely ran out here!!Never happened to me before) and some other stuff.
Total spent: $13.53
Total saved: appr. $5 (can't find the receipt but it's pretty close estimation)
Coupons used: 1 (for cottage cheese)
We also went to the Russian store this week but my parents paid for this trip.

Total spent this month: $118.94
Total saved: $56.60
Left to spend this month: $161.06
YTD spending: $394.15
YTD savings: $207.81
YTD coupons used : 46
YTD waste: $26.63


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

  3. Thanks, everyone!! My Birthday is actually on Monday but we will celebrate it today because my parents will go tonight to stay with my sister


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