Friday, February 10, 2012

Our first date of the year!

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   Remember my goal to go on a date once a month with Hubby? Last Christmas I gave my Hubby a basket with 12 pre-planned dates for every month of the year (inspired by Shannon from this fun blog). The goal was to spend less than $30 per evening by using coupons, discounts etc( and whatever is left will roll in the next month) and still have lots of fun. Unfortunately, we never had a date in January due to our kids being sick, so we carefully planned our date for February.

   My Hubby took half of the day off today. First, we went to the movies. Last year we got two free certificates from a local car dealership that we could use to purchase tickets. We couldn't use them for any recent premiers or blockbusters,so we watched Sherlock Holmes 2. Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely brilliant! We haven't been to the movies for months, so it was a really enjoyable part of our date. And the fact that there were only 5 people in the theater including us made it even more romantic...

  Then we wanted to go to a local Thai restaurant. We had a buy one, get one free coupon, and I've never tried Thai food before. So it sounded perfect! But when we pulled to a parking lot, we realized that this place was closed!! There was actually a new bar there! What a bummer! So we ran quickly home, and I found a tiny Happenings book that we got from a school fundraiser. It mostly had BOGO coupons for fast food places but there was also a coupon to a local restaurant called Francesco's. So we decided to go there.

  I have mixed feelings about the place. The inside and the service was pretty nice.They brought us water and some cheese sticks before they even got our order. But the entrees were interesting. I ordered Chicken Cordon Blue, and that's what I got (please, forgive the quality of the pictures- it was pretty dark there):

   They basically took a piece of chicken, put ham on top and melted some cheese. It tasted OK but IT'S NOT Cordon Blue! And the gravy was really salty. Also on the menu it says that you get veggies on the side. I guess, carrots are veggies but I was kind of hoping for some variety. My Hubby ordered stuffed lasagna, and it came looking like this:

  Yep, it really did look like soup! Again, it tasted OK but to be honest, not much better than Stouffer's stuff from a supermarket. Overall, with a coupon, food was fine but I don't think we'll go back there any time soon.

  But I still enjoyed our date so much! It was nice to just spend some time together, away from the kids( They stayed with my parents). And we still have $12 left from this month (we spent appr. $18 with tax and tips at a restaurant, and skipped concessions at the movies ) and $30 from last month to add to next month's date fund. We might do something really fun soon:)

                                                 Love you, Hubby!


  1. Oh, good for you for making time to go on a date night. It's a great gift to your famliy, that time together. We actually went on a date night tonight (my parents watched the kids.) We had a chance to talk quietly and really catch up, and eat Thai food! :) Thai is delicious, and something I don't make often at home. I hope you get to a Thai place next time! I'm sorry about your experience in the restaurant. That definitely does look nothing like Cordon Bleu, and the Lasagna looks like soup. Bummer. But at least you got to laugh about it together!

  2. Your dinner doesn't look to yummy!! Ha Glad you had a fun date night with hubby and on a great shoestring budget!!! Having a plan for once a month is a great idea, without the marriage there is no family, congrats on making time for you guys!!!


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