Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shopping trips this week

Pin It This week I went to Walmart, as usual, and also Walgreens to get some diapers. When I was pregnant with my second, there were so many diaper deals that I would never pay more than $5 per pack. Now $5.99 is a deal for me! I can't wait until my baby is finally potty-trained. He already recognizes when he has a #2 and tells me about it but making him sit on a potty is a whole other story...

Anyway, this is what I got this week:


   I bought 3 packs of Huggies diapers- 2 little movers, size 5 and 1 Snug and Dry, size 4. Size 4 is a little too small for my kid but I still use them during the day.Used 1 $3 off coupon (from a diaper box that I got from Amazon months ago), then 1 Walgreens baby book coupon for $2/2 and 2 manufacture coupons for $2 off Little Movers from Sunday paper. I also got Tide 32 loads, on sale for $4.99, and I had a coupon for $2 off (from Vocalpoint??).
So total spent: $23.15
Total saved(Walgreens prices): $21
Coupons used: 5

Wednesday Walmart shopping trip:

    Highlights of this trip:
2 gallons milk- $1.99, price-matched to Rancho Market, plus used 2 75 c milk coupons
1 pound of strawberries-99c, price-matched to Rancho Market
1 red pepper-49c, price-matched to Reams
Zucchini-59c/lb, price-matched to Reams
1 Avocado-20c, price-matched to Rancho Market
red grapes-$1.29/lb, price-matched to Smiths
big sliced tomatoes-59c/lb, price-matched to Reams

So total spent: $19.83
Total saved:$12.31
Coupons used: 4

Shopping trip at Walmart on Saturday(just a couple of things):

 Got cucumbers-7 for 99c, price-matched to Rancho Market Saturday deal
More tomatoes for 59c/lb, Activia-$1.98 minus $1 coupon( we've been having some tummy issues n the house this week), Equate version of Immodium. I also got 3 Hallmark 97c cards and used $2/3 coupon.

Total spent: $6.96
Total saved: $ 6.42
Coupons used: 2

UPDATE on 2/22: I completely forgot that we spent $4.74 on a box of ice-cream cones on Friday. I'll add it to my total.

Total spent this month: $173.62
Total saved: $96.33
Left to spend this month:$106.38
YTD spending: $448.83
YTD savings: $247.54
YTD coupons used : 57
YTD waste: $26.68


  1. Great deals!! I was SOOO glad when my youngest was finally potty trained! lol! Diapers cost a small fortune!

  2. Fantastic deals; grocery prices are much higher here for all the items you got, for example Activa is usually $5.99 or so?

    1. Wow, that's crazy!! I think, even a pack drinkable Activia is cheaper than $5 here.I truly hope, you make a LOT more than my Hubby:)

  3. very impressed with those savings, I wish we had as many coupons up here in Canada


  4. Diapers are hard to find inexpensive. I help out my baby sister trying to find deals, and lately they are few and far between! The last big pack we box a case from Amazon.
    I have no idea where you are, but can I have your milk prices?!?!?! Nice to have great produce prices too. Nothing like awesome produce!
    I need to make a lesson on waste. I hate it, and so sick of seeing the things we toss in the trash it really is terrible. Bless ya, thanks for all your wonderful comments Lena!

    1. You are welcome :)And thank you! I always try to price-match when we have good prices on milk. But even full price, a gallon of milk here is around $2.50, so it's not bad. And I love the produce prices in ethnic stores in the area but quality-not so much. That's why I always price-match. We are blessed to have a pretty nice Walmart next to us. I'd love to be able to go organic and stuff but not on our current salary, unfortunately. I can't wait till summer when we can grow some of our own produce!

  5. Awesome savings for the diapers! Thanks for Sharing your shopping with us!

  6. You are doing quite well with your coupons, Lena! Great savings. Have you tried cloth diapers? We're diapering our third cloth-wearing baby, and I can definitely say that the savings are huge! That's the main reason I've stuck with it for so long. They're very easy to care for, too. If you are ever interested in cloth diapering and want any suggestions on supplies or need any advice, I'm happy to share!

    1. I'm not much of a cloth diaper girl. I grew up helping my Mom to clean them after my sister, and well...let's put it this way, i have some bad memories :) I was thinking that I might try again to at least partially use cloth,if we ever dare have another child( I get a severe case of PUPPS when I'm pregnant, and to be honest, I'm terrified of putting another baby to risk...But that's a whole another topic). But thanks for offering some help and advice!

  7. You are rocking the coupons!! I am green with envy - I rarely have any coupons that I can use - Canada is a coupon desert!

    1. Oh thank you, I do love me some coupons! I don't do nearly as much as I used to when I started the whole couponing thing. i was never extreme but I still couponed tons and bought mostly junk. Now I use coupons only for the things that we use, and that are good for us(well, I also use coupons for candies and ice-cream but it's good for me too, right? :). I've never heard of coupons back home in Russia, so it was a whole new world for me. And it took me some time to learn to use them the way that works best for our needs!

  8. Great dipaer deal. Thanks for sharing at Pounds4Pennies this week.


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