Monday, March 5, 2012

And finally I'm ready with my March goals...

Pin It I know, it's already the 5th of March, and I'm yet to post my March goals. The thing is -I wanted to discuss some of them with my Hubby. It's still a very long and painful process to try to get him involved in our financial situation but we are getting there with some baby steps. For this month I decided to combine challenges from two of my friends. First, Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily has a "TAKE THREE" challenge. It's sounds perfect to me! So these are our goals:

a) Our main goal is to stay within a budget and pay off as much of medical bills as possible with the least amount of damage to our EF. We have 3 different doctor's appointments this month, a bill from last month and a bill from November of last year. Oh, man...
b) Finally file our taxes. We pretty much got all papers ready and we have an appointment with a tax guy (girl) on Friday.
c)Put all our expenses in our Excel budget file and have weekly money meetings with my husband.

a) List stuff on KSL and Craigslist. I can't believe I post this goal again here but yeah, 3rd month in a row we are "planning" to sell some of our things.
b) Go through kids' clothes and maternity stuff. I need to get summer stuff ready and see what we need. Also one of our local churches has a baby sale where you can buy and sell stuff, so I want to try to sell there.
c) Organize our closet. Especially Hubby's side. Enough said...

And here's where my biggest challenge comes in. I joined my dear friend at Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard  with her EAT RIGHT CHALLENGE. I want to try to make better choices, take my vitamins daily and drastically reduce the consumption of sugary treats...I also want to exercise more. I have a reason for it. My Hubby and I were invited to a semi-formal occasion on March, 30. It's a dress occasion and I own plenty of Church dresses but not a single formal one. At least, I didn't until last Friday. But now I do. I got one from Target last time I was there. I tried to get a picture but my camera truly sucks:

 It was on clearance. It's beautiful burgundy color and they even had it in my size. Or so I thought. The thing is-it runs a size smaller, and even though I can fit in it, well, it doesn't fit exactly how I would love it to look on me. So I need to get into a better shape and lose at least 4 lbs and an inch on my waist. In 25 days. I really took a leap here by purchasing it (with Hubby cheering me by my side...) but they didn't have any sizes that I could wear, and it was 80% off. I know I can do it. I know I can...(breathing heavily here)... Oh, wish me luck!


  1. Lena, great Goal choices for March (I have barely started mine yet for Carla's Take 3). Thanks again for joining me in the Eat Right Challenge, I know we will make progress ! Posted a couple items about it on my post tonight. I have Faith in all of us "strong" women we will make progress ... keep the Faith ! Love the dress, it is so cute; can't wait to see a picture of you in it alongside your supporting hubby. xxx

  2. You can do it! I am starting to plan my goals for after little Harper comes in May. My goal is to lose (at least) 30 lbs. Before I had Hailey I lost 25 lbs and weighed 130 so I would like to get back there plus a little more. I am only 5 ft tall.

    Love the dress too!

  3. You can do it!!!!!!

  4. You can do it. Eat right watch the refined carbs.

  5. Good luck you CAN do it - I'll be cheering you on (and trying to eat well myself too) :)

  6. I too will be cheering you on!!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. I have to drag my hubby kicking and screaming along for budget talks, we have been at it 38 years, I don't think he will ever "get it" ! HA You will so rock that dress come the end of March!!!

  8. Good luck with your goals Lena. Baby steps in the right direction. 'Funny' how the men in our lives don't seem to want to know anything about the financial side of things. I just don't get it now that I'm not like that anymore LOL That dress is cute btw!

  9. Thank you all, my dear friends! I appreciate your support.


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