Monday, March 5, 2012

Food waste Monday and a menu, week 3/5-3/11

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  See me doing my happy dance???Wohoo, wohoo!! I don't have any food waste to report this week. I guess, it's not that surprising considering how bare our fridge was. But I'm still very excited!

Our menu for this week is somewhat healthy. I need to lose some weight by the end of this month (more on this later today), so I'm going to eat LOTS of veggies.

                                Roasted veggies from last week's menu

 Mon.- Ham, whole-wheat pasta, roasted asparagus

Tues.- potato-ham bake, green salad

Wed.- Spinach lasagna, steamed broccoli

Thurs.- pork vegetable stir fry, brown rice

Fr.- baked salmon, leftover brown rice, green beans

Sat.- Ceaser chicken salad/ sandwiches

Sun.- soup/ turkey shepherd's pie.

                     Baked swai with brown rice and veggies from last week



  1. Congratulations on not wasting any food. I try very hard to achieve this as well at home.

  2. Great job! I hope we don't waste food next week... :-)

  3. I'm looking at your roasted veggies. In general, carrots take longer to cook than most other things such as the zucchini. Do you have compensate for this?

  4. Congrats on no food waste! Good luck eating healthier and loosing the weight!


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