Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food waste, menu- sick Daddy-Mommy edition

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  Sunday night my Hubby woke up with a strong urge to throw up. He ran to the bathroom and 4 hours later he puked 10 times and had almost non-stop diarrhea. He couldn't hold even a sip of water down, and eventually would just dry heave. So to the Instant Care he went...

   I, on the other hand, have been feeling nauseous for the past two days but hasn't puked yet (kiddos seem to be OK so far but I'm just waiting for them to start some time in the middle of the night). We had the same thing back in November but that time it started Saturday night, so Hubby ended up in the hospital instead...Hence some of our medical bills that we try to pay off right now. We will have a small bill this time from Instant Care too but nothing as crazy as the hospital one...Still a big sigh...

   We don't have any food waste this week but it's not because we don't have anything spoiled. I just really can't clean the fridge right now...I do know for a fact that we have some very old ground beef on the bottom of our freezer but it will have to wait until the end of the week. Our menu is variable too this week because I'm not sure how hungry will be at all... We did bump quite a few things from last week. We ended up going out for Pizza last Thursday( used a Groupon that I got last year), then Birthday party that I forgot about when I was working on my menu. Also Hubby's Dad took us out on Saturday.

So here's our menu for the week:

Mon.- tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches (kids)
Tues.-turkey shepherd's pie, salad
Wed.- spinach lasagna, broccoli
Thurs.- bean enchiladas, salad
Fr.-salmon, brown rice, frozen veggies
Sat.-leftovers/ Church chili cook-off
Sun.-some sort of soup/sandwiches

    This week is not the best money-wise either. I'm not baby-sitting again. She sent me a message and told me that they have some family issues going on, and she will not need me for, possibly, two weeks. I do have a diaper cake order and a small secret shopping assignment (my first!!) but it's not much...March is just not a good month for us...Can I go back to February??


  1. Ugh! That all sounds awful and way way too much to deal with. Hope the illness passes quickly (not trying for a pun there!) and that all is better soon!

  2. I hope March does a full about turn and gets better for you. I also really hope the kids don't get sick and both you and your husband make a speedy recovery. Take it easy for now.

  3. Oh dear I do hope hubby is okay x

  4. Hoping your hubby is fine soon, with you and the boys not getting it ! xxx

  5. Sounds awful - hope everyone is fine now! I seem to be going through $$ much faster this month for some reason AND it's a longer month! I'm holding out for April!

  6. Your son mentioned that Daddy was sick yesterday - explained why his car was there. Glad to hear that it wasn't something more serious, but that's pretty miserable. I really, really hope the rest of you don't get it, especially your kids. I'm sure your son would be really sad to miss preschool party, party, party. And thanks again for all the rebates you pass along. It helps a LOT!

  7. Feel better soon, March is just starting pleanty of time for a turn around!!

  8. Oh man, I'd bring you dinner but it would probably not stay down. I hope the sickness leaves your house soon.

  9. Sorry about the crud. Sounds like me two weekends ago.

  10. I think it's doing the rounds.......will be glad to see the back of March also,


  11. Thank you, everyone, for your support. I really appreciate it!

  12. Hope your family starts feeling better soon and March starts to get better! Maybe all the nice weather will bring a change!

  13. I'm impressed that you were actually able to do a post for FWF. Hope things are already getting better.


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