Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One more order

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Thank you, all for stopping by yesterday and for all your sweet remarks. I really appreciate your friendship and support!!

   Hubby feels much better today. He even worked full day. I'm still nauseated but I'm also hungry, so it's a good sign. Kids seem to be doing OK so far, so I keep my fingers crossed that they will not get this nasty stuff.

   I've been busy all day today with another diaper cake order. I don't make much money from it but now every bit helps. Especially, because I don't babysit this week (and, maybe, next week too). Apparently, my kids' Dad is in the hospital right now but I'm not sure exactly what happened. Hopefully, he'll be better very soon.

   But back to my order. Well, here's the "cake":

   I've done  quite a few pink-and-brown cakes but I it's the first "princess" cake I've ever made. I'm not much of a girlie-girlie type (that's what you get for living with 3 boys...duh!), so all-pink cake was a bit of a challenge. But I like challenges...diaper cake ones...


  1. It is very girly - I think it's one of my favorites so far.

  2. These are SOOOOO cute!! If you were nearby i'd be ordering one for my soon be new great nephew! Love your design skills!!! :)

    1. Yeah, the price of shipping to Canada would,probably, be higher than the price of the cake itself:)

  3. Another "Beautiful" Cake, Lena ! Happy to hear hubby is better & hopefully you are too.

  4. That is an over the top girlie cake for sure, great job!!! Glad everyone is feeling better today

  5. Hope you're feeling okay today Lena! The cake is amazing!

  6. I tend toward the non-girly myself, but I think this is beautiful! Lovely and the butterflies are just the perfect touch!

  7. That's an awesome craft you have in your arsenal. It's really beautiful.


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