Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shopping trips this week.

Pin It This week we spent a lot more than I wanted but our refrigerator was  completely bare. And we need to eat!! I hope, everything we bought will last us for two weeks. I went to Walmart, Target ,Smiths, bread store and Reams this week.
My Walmart trip #1:

Highlights of this trip:
2 Eggo waffles-99c ea (price-matched to Maceys)
1 SeaPak jumbo coconut shrimp(BIG box, they are our favorite)-$5.99- price-matched to Maceys
broccoli-3lbs/99c-price-matched to Rancho Market
cucumbers-7/99c (got 5)- price-matched to Rancho Market
pork chops-$1.49/lb- price-matched to Rancho Market.
3 Activia-$1.98 plus used $1 coupons

I also bought lots of other produce, especially apples. Apples are fairly cheap right now, and my kids love them. So I try to buy as much as we can. I also realized that I NEED to organize my coupons. There were a few out there(like SeaPak) that would work for what I bought. I just couldn't find it...
So total spent: $38.69
Total saved: $19.82
Coupons used: 4

My Target trip:
 Well, first I have some cheese on the picture that is not from Target(obviously!!) . Hubby stopped by Walmart before work and grabbed it for me. There is a 3-day sale in Fresh Market with 2lbs loaf of cheese for $4.50 ea. We are completely out of cheese, so we got two.

Total spent: $9.27
Total saved: $ 8.98
No coupons used.

And now to my Target trip. I rarely go to Target but I had a doctor's appointment that was close to our store, and I had some really nice coupons that I wanted to use.So here's what I got:
1 box envelopes- cleranced to 68c (cheaper than a Dollar store)
2 Activia (more yogurt for us!!)- used $2/2 Target coupon plus $1/1 Manufacture coupons= 19c ea
1 pack Pampers and 1 pack wipes- used $3 off Target coupon if you buy diapers and wipes (came with a sample), $2 off Pampers (from P&G homemailer) and 75c of wipes printable.

Total spent: $7.25
Total saved: $10.06!!!
Coupons used: 6

And on today I made an even bigger trip. I had a $25 credit at Smiths for filling in the prescription, and there were a few things I wanted to pick up there. I also stopped by Reams and grabbed a couple more things in Walmart. I have 1 picture of all my trips today (minus a bag of potatoes):

Reams trip:
I got some veggies, more bananas,3 1 lb Norbest ground Turkey-$1.69/ea, a bag of potatoes for $1.79. 
Total spent: $12.08 but I will send for $3/$6 beer rebate for potatoes and ground meat
Total saved:$3.65(plus $3 in rebate)
No coupons used

Walmart trip #3(yuck...)
Whole milk for the Baby- $1.99 (price-matched with Rancho Market, Saturday deal)
2 Challenge Tuscan butter-$1.98, used  2 $2 off printable coupons
Oxy clean dishwasher booster- $3.97 (had a try-me-free rebate on it)
5 20c seed coupons (yeah, they are back!!)

Total spent: $7.44
Total saved: $4.44 (plus $3.97 in TMF rebate)
Coupons used: 2

And I had a pretty big trip at Smiths. The highlights of this trip:
2.5 bag of salmon- on sale for $9.99 plus used $1 coupon (homemailer)
3 lbs Bag of apples, clearanced to $1
Tide -on sale for $4.99, plus used $2.50 e-coupon
Kroger salad-clearanced to 50c, used 50c coupon (homemailer)

I also got bunch of canned fruit salad discounted 50-60% and some other stuff.

Total spent: $4.28
Total saved(including $25 credit): $50.02!!!
Coupons used: 6

And at the bread store I bought some bread (duh...) and whole wheat cinnamon mini-bagels. I really need to start baking my own bread again...
Total spent: $3.35
Total saved :appr. $3
No coupons used.


Total spent this month: $82.36
 Total saved: $99.99 (plus I will get $6.97 in rebates)
Left to spend this month: $167.64
YTD spending: $567.47
YTD savings: $358.96
YTD coupons used : 77
YTD waste: $27.18


  1. Great job! You got lots of great deals!

    1. Thank you, Carlye! I spent a lot this week but I'm happy with what we got and hope it will last us for a while.

  2. Excellent savings, Lena ! By the time I need a coupon savings,the coupon has expired. Lol, just my luck !

    1. Oh, it happens to me all the time too! I used to be a pretty crazy couponer (though nothing too extreme!!) and wouldn't allow anything to expire. But now I just put aside a few that I know I'm going to use for sure and I'm rarely upset when some of them expire. We might save less now but we definitely eat healthier and I throw away a LOT less.

  3. Way to go!!! Don't you love saving money on things your family has to have!!! You are doing great in your food savings this year. Stocking up when things are on sale is the way to go for sure. You are rocking on your goals!!

    1. Thanks, Debby! I rarely pay full price for stuff we buy but that's the only way for us to survive right now.I so wish I could feed my kids organic and stuff but it ain't happening any time soon!

  4. Darn it, I didn't know about the cheese sale.

    1. Well, if you make it really early to Macey's on Monday, they have 2lb loaves for $3.99 (Monday only). I just never seem to be able to get there early enough for sales like this. And I doubt they give rainchecks for it!


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