Friday, March 2, 2012

My mini-goals for February update

Pin It Months truly fly by right now. I feel like February barely started and here were, on the second day of March. February was a great month for us- we spent some wonderful time with my parents, we achieved our savings goal and  had a lowest ever spending on miscellaneous. Unfortunately, I didn't do much about our mini-goals.

This is where we stand:

1. Enjoy time with my parents!!! This one goal we definitely achieved. We spent two amazing weeks with them and I already miss having them here so much.

2. Write in my journal at least 4 times this month. Fail but not completely. I wrote 3 times, so it's definitely something doable next month. I love reading  journals. My Grandpa left a few journals, some dating back at 1940s. it's amazing to read what he went through, and about his love for his people and his country. I want to leave at least some sort of  a legacy like this for my children and their children's children.

3. List stuff on KSL. Fail :( Didn't even start it! We really need to tryto sell some of our stuff in the garage.

4. Figure out our 401K. Fail again :(  Didn't even start!...Sigh...

5. Get our taxes done and check our credit score. Fail and fail :( But we did get our tax documents together and have an appointment for next Friday. So it should be all done within a week.

So, yeah, it's all sad... I was going to post my new goals for March (they are inspired by Carla's new challenge) but there were a few things that I wanted to discuss with my Hubby. I really want him to be involved and support me in them. So I'll be back tomorrow... Now I really need some sleep...Sweet dreams, everyone!



  1. That's the nice thing about a new month - we can carry over any goals not completed from last month. I have to get my taxes finished - I've gone as far as I could, just waiting for my daughter to receive her tuition credit.

  2. I definitely have to carry over most of my goals :) But I can't wait for our taxes to be done and just have one less thing to hang over our heads!

  3. The year is still young. Plenty of time to get yourself into gear. I expect March to be much better.


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