Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shopping trips this week...or how to blow a hundred bucks in one week!

Pin It    We surely did it! We spent about $100 this week. We actually started last Saturday which technically was still March but we already started our new monthly budget. We will go on a shopping freeze next week with a budget of $25 for all 7 days- basically for milk, bread,fruits and veggies.
   So here is what we bought this week. We went to Walmart and Smiths (both a few times) and Winco. In Winco Hubby grabbed a pizza for I-really-don't-want to cook night on Friday. It was $6.98 for 14" Hawaiian(my favorite) but I have a beer rebate for  $5 back any pizza. I don't count beer rebates as savings because when we get the money back, I just put them away for the canning season this year. I have almost $100 in this envelope right now. I'm excited to try some new canning recipes in summer.
   OK, back to our shopping.
   Walmart trip #1:

   Not much special about this trip. I got Activia for 99c (bought 4, price-matched to $1.99 in Macey's and used $1 coupons), cucumbers -20c ea (price-matched to Rancho Market), radishes-25c/bunch (price-matched to Rancho), green grapes-$1.29/lb (pr-m. to Smiths). I bought some other stuff, not pictured here And I got these Mama's Tortillas for $1 but I will never get them again. They were absolutely terrible! They were so stuck to each and just falling apart.

Anyway, total spent: $18.41
Total saved: $9.52
Coupons used: 4

   Smiths trip #1. That's where I spent the most money:

  I got a case of corn and a case of stewed sliced tomatoes. I like Kroger stewed tomatoes. I can  literally eat them out of the can, maybe, with a pinch of salt :). I saved about 25c per can. I also got Ronzoni pasta for 75c after sale and Catalina. Not the best price but we are down to 1 box at home. I got Dole Ceaser salad, clearanced to $1, 2 packs cream cheese for $1 ea, boca meatless burgers for $1.99 after sale and $1 e-coupon. And I got a 5lb bag of Tillamook shredded medium cheddar for $9.99 after sale and $1 cheese coupon. I got some other things but they are not really worth mentioning.

Total spent: $44.87
Total saved :$22.27
Coupons used: 2

   Walmart trip #2:

   Highlights: I got 2 dozen eggs-price-matched to 88c in Reams and used 55c/2 coupon that was available on Facebook a week or so ago= 61c ea!! Also got Kraft Fresh Take meat coating mix (free with a homemailer coupon), Bush's grilling beans (free with homemailer coupon), more cucumbers for 20c ea ( we had lots of salads this week :), oranges- 6lbs/99c (price-matched to Rancho), 1 avocado for 25c (price-matched to Rancho) Sarah Lee 100% whole wheat bread- $1.68 after $1 coupon on a package, 1 box barilla pasta-28c after $1/1 coupon.

Total spent: $12.86
Total saved: $15.08
Coupons used: 6

   Smiths trip #2
I sent my Hubby to grab us a ham for Easter dinner but turned out that we will have dinner with in-laws.So ham will go to a freezer for now:

   I'm not sure how much of a sale was the ham but it was $1.29/lb. Butter was $1.67 (will freeze), and ICBINB was on sale for $1.99, and I used $1.25 =74c ea. Also got a pack of Twizzlers (not pictured)-10 for $10.

So total spent: $14.45
Total saved: $4.71
Coupons used: 2

Smiths shopping #3

   When Hubby got all the stuff above, he also got a Catalina for some Kroger baby stuff. It had 3 coupons on it. So today I went to look for beer rebates (didn't find any new ones :( , and decided to use these coupons. Here is what I got:

   But I also had some e-coupons that were loaded on my card. Usually they do not allow combining of both e-coupons and manufacture coupons but this time both were discounted ( I'll take it!! I didn't even remember I had e-coupons loaded, so it was a nice surprise when I saw a receipt):
Kroger diapers- usually $6.21, used $2 manufacture coupon off catalina and $1 e-coupon= $3.21
2 packs 40count Kroger wipes- usually $1 each, used $1.50/2 catalina coupon+ 2 60c e-coupons= 70c MM!!
2 cans baby snacks- on sale for $1.50 ea, used BOGO catalina coupon=75c ea

Total spent: $4.23
Total saved: $7.38 
Coupons and e-coupons used: 6

   Not bad for a pack of diapers, 2 packs wipes and 2 cans of snacks!!

   So these are my shopping trips for this week. We got quite a bit of food, so I want to try to make a two-week menu plan on Monday. We'll see how that will work ...

Total spent this month (in one week): $99.05
Total saved: $58.96
Left to spend this month: $150.95+$7 from last month= $157.95
YTD spending: $822.97
YTD savings: $566.89
YTD coupons used: 125
YTD waste: $28.07


  1. Love the $1.67 butter! I bought 20 lbs for my freezer!

    1. Well, for somebody who bakes as much as you do, even 20lbs will not last very long :)

  2. Great deals! You got a lot for $100! :) The cheapest I've seen butter around here is $2.88/lb.

    1. I was really surprised to see this price myself! I usually can find a $2.50 sale, and I still have some butter in a freezer but I just couldn't pass it by!

  3. You got a lot for $100. I usually do one or two bulk shopping trips per month and just do smaller trips throughout as necessary for the things that spoil or get used up quickly.

  4. Wow awesome shopping. Thanks for sharing your saving at Pounds4Pennies this week.

  5. Wow, you got a big bang for yuour buck this week!!!


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