Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shopping trips this week...weeks?

Pin It    I just realized that I haven't posted any shopping trips in a few weeks. I still have all my numbers just not the pictures. We actually overspent this month but I feel OK about it. We got some canned stuff, a 5 lbs. bag of cheese, lots of other stuff we needed and, best of all, I went to the Russian store and got some of my native food. So as of  Apr. 23rd (Monday of this week) we spent $240.88, saved $88.96 and used 31 coupon. This week we went to Walmart and Smiths. We actually went to Smiths 3 times. here's why- this week Smiths is running a great General Mills cereal sale-if you buy for, you get it for $1.49 each. In reality, not all of the cereal was $1.49-some were more, some (like Honey nut cheerios) were less. And here we were down to 2 boxes of cerel, one opened. So this was a great cereal for us.At first, I only wanted to buy 4 boxes but then I decided to go back and buy more. Also one of my friends from MO sent me 3 amazing coupons for $3 off any beef,ham,chicken that were expiring 04/30/12, so I wanted to take advantage of them too. So these are my trips:

 Walmart trip #1:

   Had free coupons for any dole salad and Coffee-Mate (I use it with my PERO drink...Yum!). I also did plenty of price-matching (don't remember all of the details right now).
Total spent : $ 9.82
Total saved: $ 9.40
Coupons used: 4

Smiths trip #1:

   I had some good coupons for cereal  so I spent 49c-75c per box. Juice was $1.24-1.49 ea after some Smiths coupons.

Total spent: $9.76
Total saved: $16.16
Coupons used: 5

Smiths trip #2:

   This time cereal was a little more expensive (was out of all very good coupons) but still no more than $1. I also got Clausen pickles for $1.99 on clearance (my favorite) and some chicken tenders for $3.29- $3 chicken coupon=29c!!!

Total spent : $10.46
Total saved: 15.99
Coupons used: 3

Smiths trip #3 and Walmart trip #2 (combined picture):

   I really wanted to use my last meat coupon from my friend, so I stopped by Smiths again (we were in that area) and they had some steak on clearance for $3.86 down from $6.83, used $3 coupon=86c for almost 2 lbs of nice thin steak!! I also noticed a couple more things on clearance rack.

So total spent: $3.52
Total saved: $9.40
Coupons used: 2

   And at Walmart I went specifically for some feminine stuff. I cleaned my coupons yesterday and found 1 Carefree $1/1 coupon and 1 $2/2 Stayfree coupon that were expiring on Monday. I also have a $5 rebate of any 2 Stayfree packs.
So I got 1 carefree- 94c-$1 c=6 c MM
2 Stayfree- 2.86 ea-$2/2 c=$3.72- $5 rebate=$1.28 MM
I also used my last meat coupon and got more chicken for 49c. I have friends over tonight so it was perfect timing for some meat here :). And I got yet another cereal box :) Rancho Market had Honey Bunches of oats on sale for $1.99, used $1 c from Facebook=99c. Now we should be set with cereal for 6 months or so (hopefully!!). And I price-matched some produce:
oranges-6lbs/99c (price-m. to Rancho Market)
cucumbers- 8 $99c (price-m. to Rancho too)
watermelon- 4lbs/99c, seedless( also Rancho)-for dinner with friends

Total spent: $16.90
Total saved; $19.04
Coupons used: 6

So here's what the damage is this week:
Total spent this week-$50.46
Total saved this week-$69.99!!
Coupons used- 20

   Total spent this month : $291.34 ($34.34 over budget-still had $7 from last month)
Total saved: $158.95
Left to spend this month: $0
YTD spending: $1133.21
YTD savings: $666.88
YTD coupons used: 145
YTD waste: $29.77

   We decided to increase our grocery budget to $280 again for May. We need to stock up on meat (I have some great rebates that I want to take advantage of), want to buy more fresh produce and we NEED diapers (very-very soon!!)


  1. Wow you always do so well with your trips!

  2. You're a great shopper! I was hoping to not spend much this week, but some great meat sales & $100 later... ;)

  3. You did great Lena. $34 over budget is not too bad and you saved so much!

  4. Super deals, I LOVE playing the coupon/grocery game. I will be hitting the steeets today to use some rewards $$ can't wait to get my hands on for deals and free stuff, it's been to long

  5. WOW! We never get great deals like that in Australia. Our prices are much more expensive. Coupons are hardly ever available here :(


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