Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Craft closet reveal: before and after

Pin It    Where did I disappear? Well, we are still working on our yard and some landscaping. I really hope we will be done tonight. And I'm working on a garage...Sigh...All the crap there is about 80% contained but I still have quite a bit of work to do. I mention that in order to finish cleaning our garage, I also needed to clean my craft closet.
   I decided to take it a step further and re-do it. I haven't had any diaper cake orders in the last few weeks (some fell threw because of our little vacation). But my closet was a hot mess. These are some  before pictures:

   Man, it looks even worse than I remembered!! It really needed help! Please, don't judge :)

  And  these are some after pictures:

   I cleaned it really well, Hubby made a little shelf for my paints and then I painted it all this beautiful mint green:

I added some new storage for ribbons and other stuff:

  And for craft magazines, etc:

   Then I added some decorations (including my very first diaper cake that was not for sale but it brought me some amazing clients that i just loved to work with) and "art":

   Aww...much better! The best thing is the price of this re-do was $0!! Yep, you heard me right! Here's how I did it:

paint- free from last year's Glidden promotion when they gave away free quarts.
storage- already had  in the house
shelf - used some leftover wood from the garage and hardware already had
vase with flowers- the only vase left from our wedding and I got these fake peonies for one of my orders but ended up using something else.
"art"- my own embroidery that I found among other stuff. I just used an old frame that I spray-painted textured brown.

The big bins hold diapers, artificial flowers and some fabric. Or, and the last little thing:

   I just used empty metal cans from corn, washed them and wrapped with some leftover fleece. It's free and great for storing pencils, pens, brushes and markers.

   I'm so happy with the results. Everything is a lot more accessible and I just love to work in my little closet. Now I just need to tackle this chair that I use (another project for June):


  1. I have closets that look worse than your before picture. Maybe I should do the same thing. That is so cool.

  2. Oh my Lena, what a wonderful makeover you gave your craft closet ! Lovely, especially when it only cost you "0" !!!

  3. Well done!!! :) It looks fabulous!!

  4. You did a great job Lena. It looks really organised and all for $0. Well done!

  5. Just looking at it makes me want to craft....not that I have any crafting skills. But you do; and organizing skills to boot! Nicely done!

  6. It looks great lena,I really need to tackle my fabric cupboard but I keep avoiding it like the plague!I am also after updating my boring computer chair,I really need to get my ass into gear!

  7. LOVE it! I had never seen a "diaper" cake before! It's gorgeous!

  8. Great job, and all free! Well except for the hard work.

  9. All fresh and clean waiting for some play time!! Looks wonderful

  10. I love that closet for your sewing machine. What a great use of space and it looks great!

  11. What a brilliant makeover! I love your craft closet. It looks so tidy and organized. Amazing that you spent nothing on the makeover - well done!


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