Friday, May 25, 2012

Monthly goal updates and a giveaway winner!!

Pin It     I'm back!! I missed you all guys! I hope, everyone is doing great and ready for a weekend. We are doing much better, thank you all for your support. Baby's fever finally broke and he slept pretty good the last two nights. I felt pretty crappy on Wednesday but I'm much better now too!

 Some updates on my May goals:

Eat vegetarian twice a week: week 1 done! week 2 going strong, week 3 another great week, week 4
Have a vacation/getaway DONE, DONE, DONE !!!
Organize hutch in the living room done
Paint picture frame in a bathroom painted yesterday
finish Hubby's Birthday gift (stay tuned...:) done!
clean/organize a garage working on it. We could probably fit 1/2 of a car there right now :)
switch all the bills to paper-free (I still have a few) done
list more stuff on KSL not yet but I will list some stuff this weekend
have a date yes, we did! Hubby gave me a surprise movie night. It was so much fun!!
get garden ready for more planting done, all dug up and ready to plant
plant beans, kale, tomatoes, zucchini everything from this list is planted. Cucumbers, spinach and a few more things are now on the list for next week and the beginning of June.
exercise : week 1 kind of. I only exercised twice last week :( But so is Hubby, so we are on the same page so far, week 2 oh yeah, baby!, week3 failed :( Exercised only once last week, week 4
send all the rebates all sent. More to come in June
do front yard landscaping not even happening this month
declutter more did tons yesterday but I'm not done yet
wash windows not yet.
buy gifts for Birthdays/ Mother's Day done
have a 7-day fiscal fast (only necessary spending)- it's this week, and we are going strong!
wash all the garbage cans in the house nope

   I love to see all of this green!! With the upcoming Memorial Day I hope to be able to finish a few more things and finally completely be done with our garage!! It looks so much better already!

  And now to a more fun part. I have a giveaway winner!! I did  it old-fashioned way- wrote down all the names and let the Kid draw one:

   And the winner is SuperNeena!! Congratulations, Teresa! I sent you the e-mail with your code. Thanks everyone who entered!!

   And I better go and work on this garage of mine a little bit more :) Have a wonderful day, everyone!



  1. So happy to hear everyone is well, happy & back on track. Hooray ! "Just Me" xxx

  2. Glad baby and you are both feeling better!! Good luck on that garage, ours needs to be done but that might be on the fall to do project list. Summers list is already loaded up

  3. Thank you, ladies! Debby, my summer list is so full already too. But it's a good thing :)

  4. Nice to have you back and well done on the to do lists ...


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