Monday, May 21, 2012

Spending, fiscal fast, menu and food waste

Pin It I never got to post our grocery spending last week but we spent quite a bit. I had a great beer rebate that I wanted to use before the end of the month:

   Basically, I would get back $25 via mail-in rebate if I spend $40 on Beef, chicken, seafood in one transaction. I just didn't want this rebate to expire. So I bought enough chicken and seafood to last us for the next 3-4 weeks. I also bought lots of fruit and veggies, more diapers (yes, I know, I'm hoping Baby is really considering to start potty training very soon :), toilet paper, condiments, you name it:

   I didn't get all of the pictures of what I bought last week but I spent tons. We actually only have $6.75 left from our grocery budget plus $3 RR from Walgreens. Hence, FISCAL FAST is coming this week! I'm a little scared with just 9 dollars left for the rest of the month but technically we shouldn't really need anything but bread and milk, and maybe, bananas. So it should work. I hope... And overall, we decided to stay away from  the stores this week and spend as little as possible.Maybe, I can do something more useful this week and work on some projects around the house:)

  On a good note, this is my food waste this week:

   Yep, I have none! I'm really happy with it. Kids were actually eating pretty well, and  there was no more spilled cereal anywhere :)

   As for menu for this week, that's what we are eating:

Mon.-crock pot chicken stroganoff, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Tues.-basil pasta, salad
Wed.- salmon, rice, green beans
Thurs.- soup of some sort
Sat.- potatoes, crock pot ribs, corn
Sun.- Hub's choice for lunch, dinner with a family (Hubby's Birthday)


Total spent this month :$273.25
Total saved: $107.47 (plus about $45 in rebates)
Left to spend this month: $6.75
YTD spending: $1406.46
YTD savings: $774.27
YTD coupons used: 175
YTD waste: $30.92


  1. Whoohoo on the food waste ! You did way much better then I !

    1. Hey Cindy, are you counting your food waste too?

  2. Good for you! :) I may join you in a no-spend week depending on where my budget is sitting on Thursday!

    1. Welcome aboard! Would be nice not to do it alone :)

  3. I am sure you will make it till the end of the Month with just a few dollars left, where there is a will there is a way....

    1. I really hope so. Thanks, Maureen. I surely will try :)

  4. good for you! I love the no waste weeks the best!!!!

  5. You are always doing so good Lena, even when your budget has $9 left.

    I love to read your updates because you always show that once you try at something, you can succeed.

    1. Oh thank you. And you always say something so uplifting to encourage me to go on :)


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