Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunny Arizona, here we come...

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 It's finally here!! We are going away for a weekend getaway with Hubby. We really need it, just two of us. My amazing MIL and some other family members will watch kiddos here while we are gone. It will be a 6.5-7 hour drive one way, so I really hope Antelope Canyon is really worth and that it's as beautiful as it looks on the pictures:

   Can't wait to take my own photos!
   I won't be posting in the next couple of days, so a quick look at my grocery shopping this week. We did not spend much:

   I actually wanted to stay under $25 but then I realized that I can't leave family here with no food plus we decided to take sandwiches with us while in a car (this way we wouldn't have to buy dinner tonight). So I got tons of salad, fruit and veggies, lunch meat, cheese and bread. I also got raisins and prunes for the baby 'cause he's been pretty constipated lately (pardon all these details) Oh, and I got yogurt (not pictured) for kids.

So total spent :$29.55 ( and I will grab couple more cucumbers today too. They are on sale 8/99c!!!)
Total saved: $6.76
Coupons used: 1

Total spent this month :$161.94
Total saved: $53.36
Left to spend this month: $118.06
YTD spending: $1295.15
 YTD savings: $720.16
 YTD coupons used: 161
 YTD waste: $30.42

I hope, everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend get away with your Hubby ! Good thing you got that new camera too.

  2. How exciting!!! Have a great time with your hubby

  3. Have a wonderful time - it looks awesome xx

  4. HAPPY for you two - have a wonderful time!!


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