Thursday, July 5, 2012

June update on my yearly goals

Pin It      I know it's already the 5th of July, and I've been really slacking with my goals lately.I'm not even going to talk about last month's goals but I thought I would update on my 12 in 2012:

1. Blog at least 15 times every month. I did great! I've blogged 26 times in June. It's not every day, and it's OK with me...

2. Have a "money meeting" at least once a month with my husband. Doing great!! We kind of slacked the first half of the month but we are back on track. And it's actually so funny to see how much my Hubby enjoys. He definitely feels more in charge right now, and I like it too.

3. Save enough to pay for Christmas with cash. This one is a fail :( We spent so much money for my Russian documents that I put all extra income towards it. I did buy a couple of gifts, so I really need to update on it. I created another side bar for our Xmas spending now. So we still only have $350.44 in Xmas fund but I already spent about $50 on Christmas gifts, so we are not that far from our goal.


4. Save as much as we can for a minivan. This was an awesome month!!June was a 3-paycheck month plus Hubby received a little bonus that they owed him for almost 3 months. So we have $ 9946.89 saved so far. We are so close to $10000, I can't believe it!! I would totally bump it up to 10 grand if it wasn't for my paperwork :(

5. De-clutter 366 things this year.
Well, we could do better but we did fine. We got rid of another 21 things. So we are at 222 right now (love this round number :)

6. Keep track of our food waste.
Still going strong and wasted very little in June. I think it gets better and better with practice.

7. Start putting again some money for retirement.
Fail!! I can't believe I'm saying it but Hubby keeps forgetting about it. That's one thing I can't do by myself either. He called once and the system was down, and he never tried again. I hope he'll do something about it July...One can only hope...

8. Have 1 date night every month with my husband.
We almost skipped this month but after all did it on the 30th of June. It was fun. I'll post more about it tomorrow!
9. Lose 12 lbs in 2012.
Nah...I am really bad. Good thing is that I didn't gain anything either. I'm still sitting at 3 lbs loss this year. I really need to stop procrastinating...

10. Read 12 books this year.
I officially reached this goal and more...I'm going to keep reading (I can't live without a good book), just not counting any more.

11. Write in my journal at least once a week.
Failed :( I only wrote once...But I keep writing here, so it kind of counts, right? :)

12. Last but not least is that I want to create mini-goals every month through out the year. I did create them in June but I reached barely half of them. My July list is boring and long again but I'm going to try to separate it into weeks starting next Monday. We'll see how it goes.

Do you still work on your New Year's goals /resolutions?



  1. Ha, Lena, I didn't make any resolutions so I wouldn't have any to break. I am not gaining either, but not losing. Best be getting some off before Winter comes around again, as I am less active in the Winter, and we all know how good those comfort foods are now, don't we? *sigh*

    1. I know :( I really need to start exercising again...

  2. Wow Lena you're doing really well! You're talking about money with the hubby, you've saved a bunch of money towards your van and you're decluttering. I would say that you've been very successful with some major goals. Well done!

    1. Thank you! I think we are doing fine, and nobody is perfect, right?:)

  3. You're doing great Lena! Congrats on your minivan saving - so close! :)

  4. Hi Lena, have you ever thought about investing into something instead of buying a mini-van? Well, I know it's one of your many goals for this year but imagine having another property which you can rent out or flip then sell it for profit? Why not try using your money to invest in real estate? Just a suggestion. You write really well, interesting blog. :)

    Darwin Feldman
    Retirement Specialist

    1. Hey Darwin. No, with the real estate market right now I wouldn't put money into it. And to be honest, having a minivan is not an option at the moment. It's something we absolutely need! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. My two goals are decluttering and economizing and doing well with both. Slipped in the last few months -- had surgery last month -- but back on track. Threw out and shredded lots of paper. I like your idea to save for Christmas.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry about your surgery but I'm glad you are feeling better. And that's awesome that you are doing great on your goals even after some health problems!

  6. Did your Russian documents finally get straightened out?

    1. To be honest, I don't know! They were submitted to the Embassy but it might take up to 4 months until I know the results :(


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