Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monthly goal update #3

Pin It    It's hard to believe that there is only one week left until the end of summer! Where did it go?? I still have so much to do in August!! This month has been pretty busy so far and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon. I finally started getting assignments at my part-time job. I like extra money but it will take some time to adjust my schedule to include more work. I also have been canning again this week :) Peach jam and pickled vegetable mix this time. Oh, and I'm working on the boys' bedroom a lot right now. I really want to finish it before the Kid starts Kindergarten on the 4th of September. I can't wait to share with you what we've done in their room!
   But I still need to finish a few things before I can show it to you :)  So right now I better give you a little update on my monthly goals:

1. Declutter.

   I've done pretty good with de-cluttering this week. I organized boys' clothes and got some ready for the Kid for Kindergarten. I still need to prepare everything for winter and see what we need to buy. I went through our closet too and got a nice bag of clothes ready for a donation. I had a few shirts that I was holding onto when I cleaned all of the closet back in February. But I never put them on this summer so I knew it was time for them to go. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures this time.

2. Lose weight 

   Well, no good news here:( I didn't lose anything. I didn't gain anything either so this at least is somewhat comforting. To be honest, I was surprised with the results. I did exercise a few times and my muscles are nicely sore. But oh well...Hopefully, I'll do better next week...

3. Stay within a budget in all areas.

   Nothing much changed since last week either. We shopped very little in the last few days other than a trip to Home Depot and a Dollar Store for some supplies and a stuff for Kid's Birthday party in the beginning of  September. As far as groceries, we should only need bread next week, so I might just bake it and stay away from the grocery store altogether. I still hope to stay in green overall this month.

   How are you doing this month? Are you ready for fall?


  1. Great week for you! It really is hard to believe that summer is almost gone.

  2. Love Fall, but then would like to skip right into Spring. The VON SMART exercise classes starting up for me soon, so hopefully I add to that a couple of extra days in the week. You have been very busy !

    1. No kidding! I'd love to skip winter altogether!! But I guess snow means water in our side of the world...It's awesome that your exercise classes will start soon!

  3. The end is in sight and it sounds like you're doing well with your August goals. Good luck.

  4. You are doing well with your August. Even though the month seems to have vanished I doubt you'd want it hanging around longer, right?lol

    I am so ready for August to go....ok, maybe not August but the heat and humidity it brings. I am worthless at getting anything accomplished in Aug. because of it.

    And you have your oldest starting school this Fall? How exciting!....or is that sad for Mommy? 8-)

    1. No, I don't :) I'm ready for this month to go! And take all the heat with it too. And as for the beginning of the school season- I have mixed feelings. I'm excited for him to move forward, to learn more and build new friendships. But it's such a new venue for all of us. I know very little about American schools. Plus I know I'll miss him when he's in school :( But I'll have more cleaning done, huh?


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